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Want to travel across Europe in style on a budget?

After 7 years of travelling through Europe I’ve put together for you a travel resource page that should help plan the ultimate Europe trip. This page pulls together my best Europe tips. Planning a trip to Europe can be quite a daunting thing. Been there and takes lot of time and research. I hope the articles below will go some way to helping plan the trip.

I will be updating this resource page on a regular basis to bring the freshest and best tips for seeing Europe on a budget

Email me at europebudgetguide AT if you have any questions or think I’m missing something. Feel free to share this page with anyone planning a trip to Europe.



Discover Europe with this list of movies and books.

My ultimate list of movies inspire your trip to Europe.

Plus 15 books that inspired me to travel to Europe.



If read only one post from this list, read this post: 75 of my best tips and hacks for seeing Europe on a budget

45 money saving tips and hacks to save money in Europe from Europe’s leading travel experts

Use your social media influence to get discounts when you travel

How to save money on your travels using social media


If you are flying low-cost airlines in Europe, checkout my essential guide to finding out the perfect carry on backpack to travel on these airlines


Discover the best luxury hostels in Europe

Don’t like party hostels? Checkout my list of the best quiet hostels in Europe

Are you a foodie like me? Then checkout my guide to the best gastro hostels in Europe

Travelling with family? Check out my guide to the best family friendly hostels in Europe

Visiting Europe? Here are my 11 Alternative Budget Accommodation ideas for Europe

House sitting 101: How to travel the world for almost free 

11 of the best budget places to stay in Edinburgh

10 of the best budget places to stay in London

7 of the best budget places to stay in Paris

8 of the best budget places to stay in Lisbon

6 of the best budget places to stay in Berlin


Get familiar with the A to Z of low cost airlines in Europe

The ultimate guide to low-cost airlines in Europe

Interrailing is not for everyone

My reflections on Interrailing

First time traveller to Europe? Consider Busabout

Cheapest way to travel across Europe in style? Checkout these 15 budget bus companies

( PS: If you are looking to plan your trips across Europe by bus, checkout Bookaway )

Heading to France? Love taking the train?

Then you have to checkout this article with my top 5 tips for seeing France by rail.

Heading to Berlin? Here are some cool hacks to save money on Berlin public transportation system

List of my essential travel apps to download before that all important trip

20 free travel apps to download before travelling to UK

Paris must be on your list

Here are the top 10 essential apps for planning your perfect Paris trip 

Local Sam Wood has compiled his essential 6 apps to download to explore Berlin


Discover Europe’s most underrated cities

11 European City Breaks to consider in 2017

Where to find the cheapest beer in Europe? Checkout my cheap Europe Beer Index

Get our collection of Paris articles and tips from our Paris based expert Camillo de Vivanco

Guide to finding free music concerts and events in Europe

Visiting Germany?

Here are 12 FREE 48 Hour Guides to 12 cities across Germany plus other tips on how to enjoy Germany on a budget

London on a budget for families: My best travel hacks and tips for London on a budget

15 Free Things to do in Berlin

Cheap eats guides to over 20+ cities across Europe!


Cheap eats guide to Amsterdam

Cheap eats guide to Madrid

Cheap eats guide to Florence

Cheap eats guide to Venice

Cheap eat guide to Bari

How to get cheap mobile internet in Germany , Italy and Portugal

Cote D’Azur on a budget

Nightlife Guide to Rotterdam