Travelling to Germany? Tips for getting mobile internet access ( Updated September 2022 )


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I visited Germany for 50 days, blogging and using social media to share with my readers some of the coolest youth hotspots across the country. Key part of my trip was gaining access to mobile internet so that I could share the trip real-time.I’ve given below the lowdown of the best prepaid mobile internet in Germany options I discovered in the course of my research which I hope will me of help to you when planning your trip to Germany in the future. ( PS Here is the link to my resource page on how to enjoy Germany on a budget )

1. Skyroam Solis

I’m a big fan of Skyroam Solis– think of it as a mobile wifi device ( which you can share with upto 5 other people travelling with you ) + it also doubles up as a charger thanks to its 6000 mah battery.

A really cool travel gadget to have and it works in over 100 countries across the world including Germany so it is a pretty neat gadget to have for any global traveller.

You can buy 1 GB of data ( unlimited, 4G speeds) for $9 a month and for extra GB of data, it costs $9.

The device itself costs $149.99 which is major upfront investment and on top of that you just pay for the data you use.


2. If your phone is unlocked- Buy a Prepaid German simcard with flat internet data plans

To buy a simcard from a German mobile operator requires you to have an address.

My tip: I would give the name of a “german friend” and their birth date plus address.

Or give the address of your hostel and carry your passport with you-this worked for me at o2.

Options for prepaid sim cards with flat internet data plans

There are a ton of great value prepaid sim packages out there, even Aldi, Lidl sell these simcards so feel free to shop around.

a. o2 prepaid mobile internet packages

o2 offer the following flat internet data packages

  • Internet-Flat 3.5  GB   €9,99
  • Internet-Flat 6.5  GB   €14.99
  • Internet-Flat 12.5 GB € 19.99

Internet-Flat data packages lasts 30 days, UMTS/HSDPA will be used up to a specified data-limit, after reaching that limit you are downgraded to GPRS/EDGE.

You can buy the simcard at any o2 store in Germany.

b. Blau prepaid mobile internet packages are also very competitive and offer the following flat internet data packages

  • Internet-Flat 3GB       €7.99
  • Internet-Flat 6GB      €12.99
  • Internet-Flat 12GB      €17.99

The major plus point of both simcards is that it can be used anywhere in Europe for 30 days so if you plan to travel outside Germany, these simcards are great value.

Starter packs containing a normal sized SIM card can be purchased from large high street retailers in Germany, e.g. the Kaufland super market chain or from /E Plus stores.


huawai mobile internet

Huawai Mobile Internet ‘Mifi’ device


Top Tip: Top up your own phone or your partners phone when they are travelling in Germany using utransto

utransto is a cool new German startup that allows you to instantly top up your phone or a friend/partner’s mobile phone when you are on the road. This is also pretty handy if you’ve exhausted credit/data on your German mobile number and looking to top up quickly without having to go to a physical shop, store to top up your mobile.

It works very simply.

After registering yourself on the utransto website, you pick the country and the mobile phone number you’d like to top up.

Once you’ve selected the number you’d like to send credit ( Minimum is €10 with a €0.99 charge for German mobiles) you then choose the mobile phone operator you have.

All major German mobile operators as you can see are covered by their service.

Then choose your method of payment. Best to use the third payment method- credit card if you want the money to be credited instantly to the mobile. Bank transfer can take upto to 48 hours.

The money gets credited in seconds. The mobile number you are topping up gets notified by a text message. Plus you also receive an email to be notified that the money has been received.

utransto also offers bonus points every time you refer friends and family. These bonus points can then be exchanged for credit.

For more about topping up your mobile number in Germany using utransto, click here.

utransto is a really neat idea, a handy way for sending phone credit to friends , family or yourself when they are on the road.


If your phone is locked- Buy a mobile internet ‘mifi’ device

If like me, your phone is locked, the other solution you have is to buy a mobile internet ‘mifi’ device similar to the Skyroam Solis I mentioned.

These devices last for 6 hours and can connect upto 10 internet devices, download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps ( if you get a 4G simcard)

You can buy them on Ebay for very little but I would suggest going for a decent quality option.

It’s an initial steep investment but pays off on subsequent trips abroad when you can just plug in a local internet data sim and off you go…..

I recommend this Huawei mifi device which has been great for me, compatible with 4G simcards and currently costs £69.99 at the Amazon UK store and $99 via the Amazon US store. It lasts upto 6 hours on full charge and you can connect 3 devices to the device.


Once you’ve got the internet device, all you have to do is find a prepaid simcard with a flat internet data plan, and pop into the device as show in the picture above.

You can choose or go for O2 like I did which till date has been pretty reliable.

02 prepaid sim germany

Hope you found my advice useful.

Please share it with your friends on Facebook and also leave your feedback, useful tips in the comments section below. Danke schon!

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  • Hey Tina

    Thanks for the tips re Congstar and Deutschlandsim- going to check this out soon and will add your tips to the piece if that’s cool and link to your blog 🙂

  • The best bang for the buck you get with

    They have a 9,99€ Data 30-Days plan where you have 500MB on 3G+ and they are running on the Vodafone Network which is the best one here in Germany.

    Best thing is, you can get the sim-cards in their grocery shops.

  • mberlin says:

    your info is incorrect regarding sim cards and the need to be a german citizen. anyone can buy a sim…just walk in to any phone store (vodafone, t mobile, etc) and just ask. Switch it out. I live in Berlin and someone saying you need to be a German citizen to get a sim card is absolutely incorrect.

  • Caz says:

    Hi, when you inserted the SIM card did it not keep asking you to enter pin? What does this mean? I obviously can’t enter a pin Because mifis don’t have any number buttons. I have heard that this might be because with german sims everytime you turn the device off and then on you have to unlock the sim card :/ can this be deactivated?


    • Hi Caz

      This is a part I did not mention.
      When you buy the simcard you will find the PIN number on the flyer, package that came when your purchased the simcard.

      Enter that pin number and your sim should be activated for use.

      Plus the mifi device comes with a password which you should enter when you start using it.

      Hope this information helps and works-please drop me a line to tell me how it went 🙂

  • jms says:

    Just got back from Germany. When arrived at Frankfurt airport, went to the O2 shop in terminal 2. Bought for 40 Euros an Ortel Mobile SIM (don’t know the connection with O2?), with 3GB of data and some additional credit for voice minutes. The guy in the shop set it all up for me, which I probably would not have been able to do myself, as I don’t speak German. Have a Lumia 620, which I configured as an access point (MiFi). Whole family was able to connect.
    Only problem was coverage in some of the places. In Zell in the Black Forest, a town of about 8000, where I stayed for a week, I only got GPRS!!! In the medium to big towns I was able to get see decent HSPA rates.

    • Yup O2’s coverage can be a bit iffy in rural parts of Germany. €40 for 3GB of data sounds pricey with voice minutes. Prepaid data only is the best deal ( use Skype to make calls home and worldwide, much cheaper and better deal)

      Thanks for the tip and feedback 🙂

  • Vijil says:

    😀 Thanks for the info.

    1. I am living in Sweden and over here , we have unlimited 3G internet for around 10 euros . Hence when I come to Germany, 1 GB and 3 GB plans are very annoying.Since I make a huge amount of internet calls and watch youtube videos,3 GB is not enough. I wish for unlimited internet offers in Germany too.

    2. I am originally from India, and as you said , its a pain in the @#$ to get a sim card in India , all of a sudden. To add more , now the rules have been changed , and TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) have introduced this new rule that the address of the sim card buyer needs to be verified before the sim is activated. Hence, even if you buy a sim, you need to have an address , and then also , address verification takes around 7 days. So, you have to wait for 7 days to actually start using your sim card.

    • Hey Viljil

      You can get bigger deals for prepaid internet with O2 so check them out on your next visit.
      I visit India often ( have family there) and share your frustration with getting simcards while I am over there. Usually have to register the sim under my father’s name to get it done quickly, otherwise takes forever to organize the connection.

      Thanks for dropping by and come again soon 🙂


  • Mike says:

    Hi. I have a question about mifi device. You have mentioned that it works 4 hours. Did you mean without charge? Can it stay on all the time if plugged to electrical outlet? Does it use a data plan when it is on, even if no wify device is networking with it?
    I am going to Uberlingen for 5 or 10 months. Any local advice on Internet connection?
    Thank you for clarification.

    • Hi Mike

      If you have the mifi device plugged to an electrical outlet you can work all day long with that connection. Data plan is used only when you use it so keeping it switched on should be fine.
      There are better mifi devices out there which hold charge for longer and bit more pricier than the one I bought.
      My other suggestion would be to use a USB wifi stick which you can plug directly into your laptop.
      However with the mifi device you can go anywhere and have free internet….

  • Keith says:

    For mobile internet AND calling you are best of with a provider that is targeted on international calling since the differences are quiet big throughout all networks, currently the best for data and calling I could find is the Lebara germany sim card from which you can call for only € 0,01 per minute to the US.

  • John says:

    Hey, I came across your post but I can’t seem to find where the 1GB, 3GB, 5GB prepaid data packages are! Can you perhaps point me in the right direction?

    Also, do you maybe know anything about similar plans in Spain and/or Sweden?


  • Simone Haslam says:

    Just wanted to say thank you – I learned so much by finding your post Thanks

  • gift_ondarock says:

    Hi,Thank you for review this. I hv a question.
    As I will go to Berling on Dec13 for 4 days.
    Can I find the SIM card for iphone data usage in Berlin international airport? I have hotel address,is it ok for prepaid SIM?

    Pls kindly advise.
    Thank you in advance.


  • malay says:

    Hey, I just say that do try Lyca mobile and Lebara mobiles sim cards. They are virtual mobile network technology and very cheap. The network are the best as they are using T-mobile and o2 or vodafone network. Calls to international mobiles as low as 0.01 euro per minute. Eben some countries are free. Check this out in and …. you can get those sim cards before leaving your country. Lyca and lebara provide free sim cards. You can get attractive bundle offers also. Data packae also available. Minimul documents required. Go through the websites. If you are from India then place the order from….they will take only 150 rs for the sim…

  • Mirna says:

    Thank you very much for the useful information. It is priceless!!

  • D Yuen says:

    Hey, I am from Hong Kong and need to go to Germany 55566 Bad Sobernheim area for 2 months. Anyone knows how is the data connectivity there? or telco provider has a better coverage?

    Great thanks in advanced. ^_^

  • John D. says:

    Excellent article and follow-up postings, thanks!
    The question raised by Caz above interests me and I don’t think you posted an answer, viz
    “I obviously can’t enter a pin Because mifis don’t have any number buttons.”
    Is this true and if so how do you get around it?

    • Hey John

      I did. Must have missed it out…This is what I advised Caz

      When you buy the simcard you will find the PIN number on the flyer, package that came when your purchased the simcard.

      Enter that pin number and your sim should be activated for use. You will be asked to enter the pin number and password (comes with mifi device) on your mobile when connecting to the mifi device

      Hope this information helps and works-please drop me a line to tell me how it went 🙂

      • mukesh Bhat says:

        Hi Budget Traveller,
        Would be travelling to Germany for 8 days, I need two things, one a basic Pay as you go SIM(just for making and receiving calls while in Germany) second a SIM for my DONGLE( I have 3G dongle here in the UK from O2(pay as you go) and would like to use it with O2 in Germany, but the O2 retailer told that the Dongle is locked and could only be used with O2 SIM abroad??
        But I read in the blog that the O2 network is not good in smaller towns)
        Which would be the best options for my above 2 needs, would really appretiate a quick response as my travel plans are coming next week.

        • Hi Mukesh

          O2 network served me well during most of my trip so I see no problem with getting a data card from O2. Your other option is to get the dongle unlocked or invest in a mifi device ( Costs £30- £50 nowadays ) if you plan to do more overseas trips.

  • John D. says:

    Thanks so much for the rapid reply!
    Obviously, though, I’m missing out on something… My question is HOW can I enter the PIN number, if there are no number buttons on the MIFI device, or was Caz incorrect in stating this?

    • John.

      Mifi device I had was unlocked so it should work pretty much straightaway. Sometimes it would ask me for the password on my phone which is on the inside case of the Mifi device. Never asked for a PIN.

  • John D. says:

    That clears it for me!
    Many thanks again for your help!

  • John D. says:

    Just home from Munich. Found buying sim for my mobile hotspot much trickier than expected. I speak German, but even so it was a challenge: Some sims looked just perfect for purpose reading the blurb. On further investigation, you’d find they could not be used as modem (mifi hotspot) and others didn’t permit VOIP so I found it a bit of a minefield. Nothing suitable was available for less than the 20 euro I paid for 200Mb. (I had to curtail my searching a bit due to time pressure.) The request for pin came up on my mifi and guy in shop popped the sim into his phone to clear that problem.
    And now a question please. Anyone know good value data only flat rate sim for my mifi to use in AUSTRIA soon? Very grateful for any advice offered.
    Thanks again for most helpful article!

  • Giannis S says:

    Hi! i want to ask you something. i will make a roadtrip to German-Italy-France-Holland-Belgium in June. how can i have internet at these countries with one card? any idea?i would like to use MiFi device in the car for more device. I want your help!!i wait your answer! thank you

    • That’s a tough one Giannis: there are a few global simcards that exist but the data offered is expensive. Your best bet is to use your existing simcard provider and see if they have a good offer for using your data plan in Europe. Vodafone for example I think charge £3 to use your plan in Europe per day.

      The other solution would be to buy a simcard from each country but it becomes an expensive exercise.

  • Hi! I found your post in an online search which was very helpful to begin. I’m in Frankfurt next week, and out of convenience (and because I know the stretch of pedestrial Zeil all too well), I’m going to buy a router from the ubiquitous SATURN chain, and pick up prepaid Internet from Vodafone because I require reliable access away from the large cities in the middle of the country. Thanks!

  • Hi! I found your post in an online search which was very helpful to begin. I’m in Frankfurt next week, and out of convenience (and because I know the stretch of pedestrian Zeil all too well), I’m going to buy a router from the ubiquitous SATURN chain, and pick up prepaid Internet from Vodafone because I require reliable access away from the large cities in the middle of the country. Thanks!

    • Hey Henry!

      Great to hear from you. Long time no speak.Yup. There is an issue with O2 when you are in the German countryside. Tell me how it goes with Vodafone and what deal you got.

      Stay connected and safe travels


  • Vinay says:

    Thanks for your post. As I am in India now will order my sim cards from Uniconnect for my trip to Germany next month. I hope Lebara has good data connectivity away from the big cities. Does anyone have experience recently with Lebara? I am a big data consumer and am looking at their Allnet 30 day 3GB Plans for 24.99Eur.

  • Rani says:

    I am travelling to germsny next week from Bangalore,india. here i am getting sim carfs prior my departure. I have 2 options stayconnect and matrix. Please tell which i should prefer. I need for both fata and international call facility.

  • Haverocketwilltravel says:

    BudgetTraveller, as many have mentioned – German citizenship is not required to purchase SIM cards. I’ve purchased many throughout the years and nobody ever asked if I was German. My experience using cellphone service both professionally and personally is that and Tmobile offer the best service. O2 has too many dead spots even in the cities. There are a lot of offbrand SIMs available at little shops but do you really want to gamble with your communications…
    Appreciate the info on the mifi. I’m thinking about picking one up to supply Internet connectivity to an office without any cable or phone lines installed.

    • Yup. I’ve visited Germany since and not been asking to show my passport and prove I am german. Also I have used other lesser known brands like Lycamobile and found them great. Maybe time I revise the article!

  • azizi says:

    thank for the post entry. it really usefull

  • Tomi says:


    Thanks for your tips, I just came back from a trip to Hamburg: Getting 1 Gb of Internet was very easy: I bought a Blaue 9.99 package at a gas station:
    It said 300Mb and some minutes
    – the Sim worked for all 3 sizes
    – when you activate it on the Web it just needs a German Address, I used a hotel
    – finally I could choose between 300mb and minutes or 1 Gb and no minutes
    Super easy worked well, network was ok in northern Germany
    I speak German, so it was a bit easier …


  • Allison Fortney says:

    Hi! I’m going to germany this summer for about a month with my mom. The main reason I want internet access is just to get on facebook etc. and to maybe be able to facetime my boyfriend. do you know if it will be cheapter for me to get extended 3G access through my mobile provider (sprint) or do this? Thanks!

    • The internet access in your hotel /hostel should suffice. Getting a data internet only simcard is pretty easy. I am currently using Lebara’s data only simcard which costs €20 and gives me 5GB data.

  • Chad Moo says:

    Hi, does the Lebara’s data simcard you mentioned that costs 20 euros and gives you 5GB data work on a mifi device?

  • Antigona says:

    my daughter went to Germany for a two months, and she bought Lebara sim, It is THE WORST operator I have ever seen!
    She cannot activate the sim, because it takes forever to connect to their operator so it can be activated. She tryed 50 times, losing hours for activating the sim, and no way she can reach them. It writes ,,please wait 260 seconds”, then ,,you are next”, and it shuts you off with ,,sorry, our operators are too busy, please try again later”. Unbelievable!!! One month, she still can not activate it! When she wrote them for help, and call their customer service, they suggested that she sholud keep trying or going to the nearest Lebara store, which is 6 hours driving from where she is! They say those two are the only way to activate the sim! Insanity! She bought Vodafone sim, and she uses without any problem. Lebara are disaster, they do not know to work properly.

  • Ardrianna says:

    After reading this blog, I went and purchased a prepaid sim card from a grocery store in Frankfurt. I am only here for 5 days so I thought getting a cheap data plan was enough. The activation definitely takes more than 5 minutes to an hour. I had to register with Post ID and that took 2.5 hrs on hold as they tried to verify my identity and address. My sim card still hasn’t been activated afterwards, as apparently I’m supposed to wait for O2 confirm it. I went into an O2 store and the associate told me that It takes at least 1 week to have it activated. That is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Why do travellers have to wait that long to get a fckn prepaid sim to work? She claims it’s the new EU rules. Have you ever heard of this?

  • Gaurav says:

    Purchased a O2 prepaid SIM card from Saturn in Berlin in May 2018 for 9.99 Euro and it gave me 1.5 GB data and 300 minutes of call and all EU free roaming. The best part is you get 2 card cards and the same plan at the price mentioned above. Enjoyed roaming.

  • Mal J says:

    My advice is to avoid Lycamobile. I have been trying for about 7 days to activate a prepaid SIM that I purchased online before arriving. Activating the SIM took about 5 days to find someone who would do it as it must be done in store as you need to provide ID such as a passport. Then the prepaid bundle was not active. Many phone calls later still no data or calls / SMS balance. Customer care just keeps telling me I need to wait. Avoid!! Bought another SIM with Vodafone and although it is not working yet either, within one day is has successfully activated and we have been emailed and told it will be active within 24 hours.

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