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Stories from the road is all about the stories of my life on the road.


I set up BudgetTraveller to be a resource for inspiring your current and future travels.

Besides the luxury hostel reviews and cheap eats guides, I guess my own personal travel stories are a major part , the soul of this blog.

So here, for the first time, I’ve summarised below from the last 2 years my stories from the road.



1. Must Love Festivals


The world is your oyster and Galway is its home

Ljubljana: the second coming

The miracle of flying

Jazz. Puglia. You have firmly entered my imagination now



2. Life as a travel blogger



More than just the journey-Why I travel

Why I left Edinburgh to become a digital nomad

Mixed emotions of a digital nomad going home

Tales of the unexpected & un-travelling: My 12 days of Interrailing

Travelling in my armchair: How I kick away the winter blues

Tomorrow, my blogging life comes full circle

 I love travelling everyday of the week except Sunday

Travelling with the forgetful man


3. Love


The challenge of finding love as a male travel blogger

Red is the color: Falling in love with La Rochelle

Venice revisited: A love lost and renewed

Lisbon: Is this the world’s most romantic city


4. Paris


Is nostalgia a seductive liar? Remembering Paris for the first time

2 days in Paris. With £100

Paris, in 40 photos & 20 songs


5. La Rochelle

Exploring the streets of La Rochelle : The perfect city to get lost in


6. Cognac

12 years ago and then now-the bittersweet taste of Cognac


7. Ile De Re 


The winding dreamy streets of Ile De Re

The winding dreamy streets of Ile De Re


Part 1

Part 2


8. Gdansk

The end of communism. The desolate shipyard of Gdansk


After Hours in Gdansk: Some Brovarnia and a little Absinthe


9. Bremen & Lubeck


A Nobel discovery: Meeting Mann, Grass & Brandt in Lubeck

Remembering…. a stag do in Bremen



At Heaven's Lake: Tampere

Tampere: Stairway to Heaven


11. Rome

Streets of Rome

How to get rich in Rome at just 11am


12. Ljubljana


Nuns of Ljubljana walking the cobbled streets of Ljubljana's old town

Nuns of Ljubljana walking the cobbled streets of Ljubljana’s old town

Part 1: 9am-3pm

Part 2: 3pm to 9pm


13. Emilia Romagna


 Deliciousblogem 106

Bums, breasts and beauty: First impressions of bold, ‘Red’ Bologna

The land of ‘Black Gold’ : Visit to the Acetaia di Giorgio, Modena



14. Brighton

The world famous Brighton Pier.Just a 2 minute walk from umi Brighton

The story behind Cassette Lord 

Mae West’s lips & other highlights


15. Robbed in Barcelona 

Robbed in Barcelona? What I did + tips to beat the pickpockets


16. A meeting with Kurt Wallander


Walking the dog : Long sandy beach of Ystad

Walking the dog : Long sandy beach of Ystad


The fiction & reality of Kurt Wallander’s Ystad


17. The Kolkata Diaries





Life and death in Kolkata

The Kolkata Diaries


18. Meet South Africa

Why visiting South Africa might be my craziest trip yet


19. Holland

Discovering Delft through the eyes of Vermeer