Why I am leaving Edinburgh and finally becoming a nomad


So, some news dear readers and friends.

After 7 years, I am leaving Edinburgh- the city I have proudly called my home.I’ve served notice at my day job at MVA – fyi , I was doing social media consultancy for charities , 6 days a month. They are gutted.I am gutted to be severing links with them after working with them for 3 years.It was the best place I’ve worked in, pay was good and my colleagues were also good friends. Rare thing.Without their support and that job , I would not have realised my dream of becoming a full-time travel blogger.

Time to downsize

Over the last few days I started the ambitious task of downsizing my life into a suitcase and just a backpack.It’s something we all go through at some point in our lives.It may seem sad to let go of all the things you love but in many ways , it’s liberating. Letting go. I am an accumulator. I’ve accumulated a whole ton of shit over the years. Every time I’ve moved house, I’ve wondered how the hell did I gather all this ‘stuff’. I’ve wanted to do this for years. This was the perfect excuse.

So where do I go from here?

16th May, 2012.I am heading to Berlin for the launch party of Hostel One’s new luxury hostel, then on 18th I am heading for 5 days, stateside to Florida as a guest of Visit Florida and Virgin AtlanticItinerary is top secret so I can’t tell much now so keep glued to Twitter for updates… My first trip to the States so wow, I am excited. Then I’m off to New York and Boston to be reunited with my family after 6 years plus I’ll be seeing my new niece-exciting. I’m back in Edinburgh in the beginning of June for a few days to say my final farewells and work before embarking on my epic 1 month Luxury Hostels tour through Europe courtesy of  Interrail.

After that, I am wondering-where shall I go next?


Brandenburg Gate. Love Berlin for quirky scenes and moments like this

I like the idea of chilling in Berlin for a few weeks but am totally open to ideas.

As long as its Europe.

Where should I go? 

I’ll be hitting India in the winter. I’ll be slow travelling my way around Europe for the next few months-that’s the plan.As much as I love living in Scotland and Edinburgh, I’ve seen a steady increase in the cost of living in the UK. Despite the recession, I’ve seen the cost of key things like food and energy prices shoot up.I don’t have much faith in the government to change things. In fact anywhere you look in Europe, it’s not pretty. Add up the cost of living in Edinburgh: Rent, council tax, energy bills which are getting ridiculous, guilty pleasures like going for a nice meal, few drinks and even modest things like a cinema ticket- on a travel bloggers modest income, its difficult. How people on minimum wage or on benefits can survive in this country- I really don’t know…

The one thing I miss about life in India and Kolkata especially is that no matter how low or high your disposable income is, you can still go out and eat like a king. So wherever I am going, the food has to kick ass and not rip a big hole in my pocket. I like a decent but not too expensive pint so I might check out my my Cheap Beer Index to get some ideas of where to go 🙂 It would be nice to have some sunshine and warmth, a sunny summer after 13 years of freezing my butt off in Scotland. Plus if the rent and bills were not too high, that would be great.

Not much to ask? Haha. Ah yes, the country must have a good network of cafes and bars that offer decent, free wifi. That’s all Genie.


Arthurs Seat. One fine day. I’ll miss the scenery and beauty of Edinburgh


I’ll miss you Edinburgh definitely.

You are one of my greatest loves.

No matter where I go in the world, there will be always a part of you in my heart.

7 years is a long time to spend in one city . Still, I can honestly say having visited some beautiful places in the world, everytime I come back to Edinburgh, moment the castle comes into view, lit up in the dark late at night, I still get goosebumps. My travelling has become more and more frequent in the past few months. Still, whenever I come back to Edinburgh I can ease into it’s daily rhythms like easing into a pair of old worn slippers.

I’ll miss those daily rhythms when I travel.

I ‘ll miss pottering around the Farmers Markets on the weekend, going for my favourite ramble up the Water of Leith, checking out the latest exhibitions at some of the city’s world class art galleries.

I’ll miss going up the Mile on a late summers evening and observing dusk from the Castle.

Sitting on a roadside café on the Mile and watching the world go by.

I’ll miss having my fish supper from Bene’s and sitting on the bench with my best mate Sid and talking absolute shite, having the best laugh.

Busting a gut and climbing Arthurs Seat to get an amazing panoramic view of the Forth River to one side and Fife on a clean sunny day.

I could write a book about all the things I’ll miss about Edinburgh.

One day, you never know…

So, you ask me, why if I love the city so much, am I leaving Edinburgh?

As my friend pointed out to me this week, ‘Are you having an early mid-life crisis Kash?”

Seriously, I don’t know. As much as I love Edinburgh, I find the more I time I spend time on the road, the more I find it difficult the juggling act of balancing my life as a travel blogger, my consultancy work and also finding time to spend with friends.

It takes a toll on you, juggling all these balls and having all these multiple identities.

I’ve been immensely inspired by the nomadic travels of fellow travel bloggers- I know it’s not easy but with a bit of organisation, focus, it can be done and is achievable.

It’s a challenge. I’m ready for it.

It will be interesting to see how I get on. It’s a lifelong dream that I am in many ways fulfilling. So, it promises to be an interesting few months ahead.Plus more I travel , means more stories and inspiration from the road for you. Plus I’ll be in Europe rather than on the fringe.

I think it’ll be a blast-what do you think?




  • Sandra says:

    It will be a blast! Best of luck to you on your inspiring journey. I am in the midst of making some similar big changes, so I do know how you feel. Let me know if you swing by Stockholm!

  • Nicole says:

    Wow, congratulations Kash for taking such a big leap in your life.

    I can’t wait to see what happens, the progression and the growth, and wish all the best for you on a new chapter.

    And I’m sure Edinburgh will always have you back should you ever feel the need to settle for a wee while.. 🙂

  • Feather says:

    I can totally feel the excitement through your typing. Congrats, Love! Far East (you are welcome to Korea) anytime. Seoul rocks!

  • Wow, Kash – what a huge step into future!!

    I wish you all the best for your travels and will update myself frequently about you.

    Yes, I’m a bit jealous, too. But one of my greatest loves is my nine-months-old son Emil. So, there’s a definite reason for me to come home everytime I’m on the road. And this is the best feeling I can imagine. That’s why I will always stay a part-time nomad. But dreaming is allowed! 🙂

    Christoph / VonUnterwegs.com

    P.S.: We met at ITB on that Friday night when we went out for German dinner at the Hackescher Markt with the Travelettes girls, maybe you remember.

  • Jools Stone says:

    Big news eh fella? Wow. Will be sad to see you go of course… but then again, you’re hardly ever here these days anyway! 😉 Good luck with it all, I think it’s def the right thing for you and I’m sure you’ll go from strenght to strength once you’re flying around out there! 🙂

  • This is so good to hear! I don’t understand how you could live in Scotland for SO long! It has a beautiful landscape but 1 year was enough for me there 🙂

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for your wishes.

      The weather is a bummer but otherwise, I really enjoyed living in Edinburgh.

      Beautiful city and so much to do, even after living there 7 years I never got bored of this place….

  • Ayngelina says:

    Come to Canada!

  • Euan johnstone says:

    Dude amazing news! have an absolute blast and remember to be back in the country for our wedding 😉 say hi to your sis and the family!!!

  • Adena says:

    Godspeed, Kash! You have so many friend’s, you know you’ll always at least have a roof over your head, wherever you are in the world. Who knows? We could meet in Boston, maybe you want to see Vermont, and I hope to be in India next winter, too! Stay in touch, see you in the interwebs….

  • Dougie says:

    That`s a bit of shocker mate but you follow your dreams.
    Only got to know you over last couple of years and followed your adventures
    with great pleasure.
    Hope we meet up and share a beer somewhere around our wonderful planet.

    It`s been good Kash
    Good luck

  • Wow, so many thoughts on this. First of all, congrats! I know how tough it is to juggle life, a job, and the blog stuff. I sacrifice a LOT to do all of this but I love what I do.

    Also, coming to the US will be awesome! However, California is a pretty awesome state with of the best places to see in the country. So if you get out this way, let me know.

    As for Europe, you and I seem to agree – I have no faith in government and never will. Europe and the US are very similar despite different ways of doing government.

    I am not an anarchist by any means. But I just don’t understand why people care so much about politics when governments rarely do anything in this world to make a difference. If people are really honest, governments don’t do a lot in good times or bad – their impact is pretty insignificant. Don’t tell the politicians that but that’s something a lot of people don’t get. I don’t want to rant any more about this but the key to making the world a better place is reaching out to people and connecting one person at a time.

    As for Edinburgh, it’s very high on my list for visiting. Your list of things you are going to miss make me want to visit even more.

    Best of luck in your travels! Hope you have an awesome time in Europe, the US, India, and wherever else you end up!

    • Been a great trip in the States so far.

      Florida was ace, loving NYC but shame am only here for 2 days.

      If you do plan to visit Edinburgh and Europe-gimme a shout.

      Have a great TBEX and stay in touch.

  • Lauren says:

    You need to go to SLOVENIA! Ljubljana is my favourite city in Europe 🙂

  • Susan McNaughton says:

    Just heard your news via Dougie Baird, and wanted to say how great it’s been to have had you around Edinburgh these past few years, although I’ve only known you latterly.
    You are always so generous and giving with your time and advice, and you certainly know how to gather up great groups of friends and party!
    Wishing you all the best and hoping your travels bring you what you wish for.
    Edinburgh will always be here when you choose to return.
    All the best in your travels.
    Susan x

  • EurotripTips says:

    Come to Canada, indeed! Montreal is actually pretty cheap to live in considering the quality of life there. And Canada would love to have you 😉

    Congratulations on the new move and I wish you all the best. 🙂

  • John says:

    Kash, Berlin is a good initial plan, from my recent visit it seems like a cheap place to live with loads of accommodation.

    Do you really mean to ask where to go? I am not convinced you have cut all those ties without an idea of where to go. Your head must be full of ideas.

    The problems you and Jeremy refer to are beyond the control of governments. Welcome to the world of Peak Oil, Peak Water, Peak Soil … Resources are running out, but the only answer we hear is that we need more growth. I will be interested to see how your travel reacts to these challenges.

    Above all. Enjoy, your journey on the road and in life.

    • Berlin seems to be winning at the moment.

      Yup- the recession, Euro meltdown will in no doubt have an affect on travel and the blogging profession.

      Interesting to see where it goes and how we can cope with the changes ahead.

  • Best of luck Kash – extremely jealous!! Look forward to reading all your stories and seeing photos from around the globe. G X

  • Melvin says:

    How exciting! If you should visit Berlin, your must visit place is also Cologne… You know that right? You you also know that you’ve got a place to stay, right?

    I’m looking forward to read about your adventures!

  • Ali says:

    Congrats Kash, this is awesome! Let me know if you end up in Freiburg at all during your time in Germany. I don’t think I could be a permanent nomad, but I do love the idea of having more flexibility to travel. I just need to figure out my way of doing it I guess.

    • Cheers Victoria B 😉

      Definitely will give you a shout. Cheers.

      I was the same as you-used to like to come home after a trip but recently feel more and more disconnected from life in Edinburgh.
      I need more flexibility …so this feels like the way forward. Lets see 🙂

  • Congrats on becoming a full-time digital nomad. I plan to do that in 2013 🙂

  • Charu says:

    Congrats on a much deserved change of pace and life! I’ve visited Edinburgh several times so I completely get where you’re coming from re: Arthur’s Seat et Princes Road. I wish you the very best in your RTW adventures–and if you’re in NYC please say hello. It would be great to meet you!

  • laradunston says:

    Just catching up on your news! How exciting! And love the Luxury Hostels project – let me know if and when you need any Bangkok hostel tips – they must have some of the best in the world. Have fun!

    • Yep…it’s all change here.
      Time to do something new and fresh. Something different 🙂
      Definitely will be doing a global version of the guide so will need some tips from you….
      Hope you are well? You coming to Europe soon?

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