12 hours in Ljubljana: 3pm-9pm



Welcome to the second part of my 12 hours in Ljubljana.

{ If you missed, here is the first part of my day in Ljubljana: 9am to 3pm }


The following events take place in Ljubljana between the hours of 3pm to 9pm.



I discover an Ice cream bar called Cacao – ( The best gelato outside of Italy? )


Cacao – Awesome gelato by the River, Ljubljana


I’ve been dreaming about this place for last few weeks since I visited Ljubljana.

Picture this


An ice-cream bar. By the river.

You can drink champagne, while sprawled like an eagle on their comfy loungers on the outdoor terrace but most people come here for the gelato.


They have an amazing range of flavours- I could spent a whole summer coming here everyday trying their ice-cream.

The best ice-cream I’ve tasted outside Italy and the most scenic place to enjoy this great treat.


Cost: 2.30 euros


8) I enter the dragon!

Ljubljana: Enter the Dragon!!


Me standing at the Dragon bridge below the Ljubljana dragon, the mascot & the symbol of the city.

( Dragon is often referred to as the ‘mother in law’ because of her fiery nature )


According to local legends, when a virgin crosses the bridge, the dragons will wag their tails.

I sadly could not test this hypothesis , not in this lifetime but I would urge all virgin-first time Interrailers to visit the bridge and put the legend to the test.

Fact: It is the first bridge in Slovenia paved with asphalt, and one of Europe’s earliest reinforced concrete bridges.


View from Ljubljana Castle

View of Ljubljana from Ljubljana Castle-breathtaking

9) Ljubljana Castle & Steve McCurry exhibition


Coming from the land of castles: Scotland, castles do not really excite me anymore. However, if you come to Ljubljana Castle you do get to ride the funicular to the top and once you reach the top, blessed with a stunning panoramic view of the city.


Steve McCurry exhibition at Ljubljana Castle


I lucked out because coinciding with my visit to the Castle was an exhibition of Steve McCurry.

I had the priviliege of meeting Mr McCurry at a travel blogger conference in Umbria just back in April so the chance to be reacquainted with his genius  and see some of his best works was an unexpected treat.


10 )  Cobbled streets of Ljubljana: Twilight


Nuns of Ljubljana walking the cobbled streets of Ljubljana’s old town


Back in the town. It’s just past sunset and approaching twilight hour.

This is when Ljubljana is at it’s best.


Twilight: Ljubljana


You have the beautiful cobbled streets to your own.

There’s a gentle murmur of chatter and buzz from few of the roadside restos.


Ljubljana’s Old Town has a few charming roadside restos which make for perfect people watching


Then I bump into a bunch of Japanese tourists.


Strike a pose- You are a tourist!


They always have the funniest and most ridiculous poses.

Bless em.


11) Boat ride on the river- till next time?


Missed the boat. Next time


Walk across the bridge, back to the hostel, I see the boats floating by.

Looks perfect for a mellow, calm evening like this.

Next time, I tell myself.

There’s always a next time right?



12) Another great Ljubljana budget eaterie: Pizzeria Sestinka


Pizzeria Sestinka

Pizzeria Sestinka


Walking back, I am hungry and grab a slice of pizza at Pizzeria Sestinka and a cup of Fanta. Cost: Just 2.50 euros.


I am heading back to the hostel. This is it, I think sadly.

End of the day.

End of a great trip.


However, Ljubljana has one more twist, one more surprise for me.


13) I meet the Green Rabbits:- Ljubljana’s coolest swing band


As I near the hostel, I hear the sound of music from one of the buildings.

Trumpet. Bass. Guitars. Clarinet.


Sounds like swing music.

The music draws me in.

I discover the band.

Green Rabbits they call themselves.


This is their description


The Green Rabbits are little fuzzy creatures that have turned green for many reasons. We are green for Slovenia, covered by woods in which we dig our rabbit holes. We are green out of envy. We know that New Orleans Jazz bands will always be better than us. We are green because we are friends with the Green Fairy. We are green because we are not blue.


We are rabbits because there is more and more of us on stage every time we play. We are rabbits because we do not describe ourselves as a band of dancers turned musicians and musicians turned dancers. Actually it is physically impossible for us to do so – we are merely rabbits.

We love carrots and free drinks. We probably love you too.


They were performing as part of a fundraising night for the local RSPCA.

Their music is playful, spirited and recreates the fun-loving American lifestyle of the 20’s to the 50’s.


I’ve leave you with a video of the Green Rabbits from a ace performance on the beautiful streets of Ljubljana- an appropriate place to end this post. Enjoy!




Essentials: Where to stay in Ljubljana


Hostel Celica Review

Hostel Celica


I stayed at Hostel Celica, a Ljubljana institution –staying here is an experience in itself.

If you missed out earlier, here is my Hostel Celica review .



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  • Natalie T. says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Ljubljana and jealous that you got to see the Steve McCurry exhibit at the castle. What great snapshot views of the city eh?
    Hostel Celica was one of my favourite places in all of Europe.

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