2 days in Paris. With £100.

PARIS. £100 spending money. Just 2 days, 48 hours in Paris.


Only in Paris: Watch the world go by…..


Paris in Springtime is nice.

Bit muggy.

Crowds of tourists everywhere .

Not everywhere.

Especially, if you are willing to go off the beaten track.


Which was exactly my plan.

However 48 hours is not a lot of time to explore Paris.


On top of that I had set myself the challenge of a daily budget of £50.

Excluding accommodation.

More than enough…. I hear you say.


Trust me £50 does not go far in Paris…as you will learn soon.

Here is a diary of my 48 hours in Paris.

Day 1: 27th April 2011

Edinburgh Airport


Never leave buying your euros till last minute. I just got 105 euros for £100 today at Travelex. Biggest rip off.




48 hours and counting- I land in Charles de Gaulle Airport.

I head into Paris on RER B Train.

35 minutes is the journey time.

Cost of my ticket is 17.40 euros rtn!

Left: 86.60 euros.




I check into my home for the next 2 nights: St Christopher’s Inn Paris.

First impressions are good.

Receptionist is pleasant and welcoming.


The hostel has it’s own Bar called Belushis.

They are showing the Barca-Madrid game.


I check out my room for the night- a 12 bed dorm. For the price, I can’t complain.

You have your own reading light, blinds and luggage locker beneath your bunk.


9 pm

I’m off for a pint at Belushis.

Place is heaving and packed.

Good game so far.

Beer price alert: Pint of Kronenburg is 4 euros.

Just flash your room key, otherwise if you don’t show it , price creeps upto 6 euros ( which is the standard price across most of Paris let me warn you )


1030 pm

Half Time.

Drinking that pint got me really hungry.

I check out Belushi’s menu: 10 euros for a burger!

No thanks.


I head out for a snoop around the neighbourhood.

The hostel is by the canal , I spot  some very cool bars and restos to eat.


Eventually I plump for home comforts and decide to go for an Indian: Crepes Chaudes on 182 Rue de Crimee


I know. Coming all the way to Paris to eat at an Indian?

However, I have a good feeling about this place.

Looks clean, I get a good waft of the food from the street.


I have Chicken Curry with basmati rice, dessert is crepes with Nutella after.

All for just 10.50 euros.


I can’t complain. Nice curry and those crepes were yum.


Left: 75.50euros


Day 2: 28th April 2011 




Morning! I had a dream that I was surrounded by a swarm of snarling hyenas.

I wake up with a cold sweat.

Actually, it’s just a bunch of Brazilians snoring in my dorm.

Too many caipirinhas last night I guess.



I drag myself downstairs. Not much of a morning person to be honest,

Free Breakfast at St Christophers- not bad.

The breakfast counter is lined with a shitload of golden brown crispy baguettes.

I grab a few and and wallop tons of Nutella on them and wash it down with a gallon of orange juice.




Buy a Paris Mobilis Pass. For 6.10 euros you get unlimited travel on zones 1 and 2 for 24 hours.

Left: 69.40 euros




Cold, grey day.

I’m in Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

It’s a beautiful place.

You do need a map to get around this place- very confusing layout.


Jim Morrison. Pere Lachaise Cemetery


I meet Jim Morrison in the 6th Division.





Love the Art Noveau entrances of the Metro stations in Paris.

Next stop: I’m off for a taste of the macabre: The Catacombs!




Queue MASSIVE in front of Catacombs.


@katyabroad tweets me


“Ugh, Catacombs does not sound like a fun day out! Have you got anywhere to go a little less ‘touristy’?”




I abandon the Catacombs queue.

Tip: Come early to avoid the crowds. I head off to see where Joyce, Hemingway lived in rue Cardinal Lemoine





Quick but v tasty lunch at Moisan in Place Maubert: Baguette with saucisson & chocolate tart: 6 euros.

Left: 63.40 euros




I’m at 71 Rue Cardinal Lemoine: courtyard where Joyce finished writing Ulysses.

Closed to public now sadly.




‘This was how Paris was in early days when we were poor & happy’ ( A Moveable Feast)

74 Rue Cardinal Lemoine



Around the corner from Rue Cardinal Lemoine: 39 Rue Descartes.

Hemingway lived here from 1921 to 1925.




I need a pickmeup.

I go for a double espresso at Cafe Delmas on Place De la Contrescarpe.

Hemingway describes this place as a ‘cesspool’ where all the prostitutes, drug addicts, pimps and sailors used to hangout.

Espresso sets me back 6 euros!


I have now left: 57.40euros




Had a cool chat with Remi Lemoner,owner of Hotel Vieux ‘Beat Hotel’ where Ginsberg, Kerouac stayed.

The hotel is located in 9 rue Git-le-Coeur, an unassuming street in the Latin Quarter.

Remi Lemoner- Owner of the ‘Beat Hotel’


Remi was a real character and had a ton of interesting stories to tell me- a true adventurer. He was one of the first westerners to step foot in Mongolia back in 60’s when there were heavy restrictions on foreigners entering the country.




I’m at 7 Rue Des Grands Augustins: Picasso finished his masterpiece Guernica here.



Tres cool! I come across a Taschen bookstore at 2 Rue de Buci




Cafe Flore bursting at seams.Favourite hangout for intellectuals Sartre and Simone De Beauvoir.


RT @h_dumigan: Considering unfollowing @BudgetTraveller ’cause of the tantalising updates on 2 days spent exploring Paris. Envy is a terrible thing. #100Paris

RT @arpimay: #100Paris this is a literary, artistic and cinematic Parisfest! Enjoying it.




More of Hemingway’s Paris.

44 Rue Jacob. Hotel Angleterre : Ernest spent his first night here in Paris on 14/12/1921



Later on 56 Rue Jacob Hotel York I witness a plaque that is a reminder of an important moment in history….

On 03/09/1733 this is where David Hartley Benjamin Franklin signed the treaty for American Independence.




I’m at Dans Les Landes – the 5th’s hottest joint.

Just steps from the Rue Mouffetard market and the charming St Médard square, this smart little spot is full of varied tapas-style tastes from France’s southwest.

At just 8 euros for a mojito & charcuterie, I can see why this place is so popular.


Left: 49.40 euros


Day3: 29th April 2011


12 hours left. 49.40 euros left.


It was the day of the Royal Wedding.

Not a confetti or Union Jack in sight across Paris.




I buy another 24 hour Mobilis Paris Metro Pass. Cost 6.10 euros. Left 43.30 euros



Great to see Hollywood movie posters when travelling: always translates into something completely different.

Hangover 2 translated in French : ‘Very Bad Trip 2’





I’m in the very chic Le Dome restaurant ( also known as the Angle American Cafe in the heyday) where Picasso & many luminaries used to hang out.

Here’s a picture.

I feel like the Antichrist on the day tweeting about #100Paris challenge.

My whole feed is jammed with female followers raving about Kate Middleton’s dress- boring!



Enroute to St Germain, I stop to admire the beautiful tower of Eglise St Sulpice




Lunch –I wish I had remembered the name of this place- food was fantastic.19euros. ( Left: 24.30 euros) Fixed 3 course menu with a half a carafe of wine. Food smells great +diners speak in French: good sign. Just saw someone having Crepes Suzette with Grand Marnier-wow.


Starter of warm Sausages w/ garlic fresh cream cider sorrel & spinach sauce-nice.





‘We are sum of all the moments of our lives’

Jesse’s famous quote from that stunning movie: Before Sunset


I am at the famous Shakespeare & Co where Jesse + Celine reunite


As a souvenir from my trip I splurge 8 euros on a book of Neruda’s poetry at Shakespeare & Co.

I’m down to just 16.30 euros with 5 hrs left of #100Paris challenge




My legs are like jelly walking around Paris.


I take it easy and just beach myself on the banks of River Seine to right of Notre Dame.

Suns out.

I spend a few hours just lazing, reading my book of Neruda poems and watching Paris pass me by.



I meet an old university friend at a very flash cocktail bar in St Germain.

16 euros- buy one get one cocktail. Got myself a mojito.



Left: 0.30 euros.



Au revoir!

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