Exploring the streets of La Rochelle : The perfect city to get lost in



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With it’s picturesque old fishing port in the heart of the city, Renaissance town hall and other old buildings La Rochelle is a dream city to walk around in and get lost.

We were blessed with the perfect afternoon, mellow late summer sunshine and the clearest blue sky with fluffy clouds made it a joy to photograph the buildings and minute humdrum existence of this lively seaport town.

With its 17th Century arcaded streets, there is a feeling of walking back into history in La Rochelle.

It’s architecture has been well preserved and looked after.

The best streets to roam include the rue du Palais, la Rue du Temple, rue Chaudrier and rue des Merciers.

The street names reflect the unique history of the place- la Rue du Temple reflecting the town’s association with the Knights Templar for whom La Rochelle was a key base.

Rue des Merciers was the haberdashers street and even in the present day, it is the shopping heart of La Rochelle with many trendy upmarket fashion labels and boutiques setting up shop here.

I thought I’d show some images to give you a more visual feel to my experience: here is the link to the BudgetTraveller Flickr album and below a selection of my memories of my walk around La Rochelle- enjoy!


Over the next few weeks I will be presenting a series of feature of how to discover this beautiful region on a budget so stay tuned to the BudgetTraveller!

Merci beaucoup! to  Sandrine from Poitou Charentes Tourism Board for hosting me and also Sue Lowry + Magellan PR team for organising this epic trip. 

Rue du Temple


The Blue Door

Rue des Arcades: The 'Haberdashers' street

Sunday breakfast at the local market, La Rochelle

Streets of La Rochelle: Perfect for drifting and getting lost...

Dreamy La Rochelle: Fluffy blue skies & the stunning renaissance facade of the local buildings

Pussy Galore

Back alleyways of La Rochelle



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