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After a year of visiting over 100 hostels , I am excited to share with you, a brand new guide to Luxury Hostels of Europe.

Here is the link to download the guide.

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Launch day.

Hardly slept last night. I am a mixture of excitement and nerves. You know the feeling right?

This book is the culmination of many months of hard work and effort. After the initial guide to Luxury Hostels of Europe, 4 years back, a new update was desperately needed. It is amazing how much the hostel landscape has changed since the guidebook came out. This year, I finally got the time and chance to visit some of the new hostel. I did a roadtrip across the summer where I visited and filmed over 40 hostels in 23 destinations.

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You can see some of the highlights of the trip in this Youtube video below which will give you a feel of what is so unique about these Luxury Hostels.



In the weeks ahead, I will be launching over 40 videos of these Luxury Hostels where you can listen to in-depth interviews with the hostel owners and staff. Plus we also have video guides to cool things to do on a budget in each city. So tons of exciting material coming up.





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The e-book is in PDF format. You can read it on your laptop but it is best viewed on a tablet device- iPad (via iBooks) or Kindle or the Kindle app.

The book will remain free to download in the next few weeks.

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Thank you

Lot of people have made this project possible.

First of all I’d like to thank all of the Luxury Hostels featured in this book. It has been a pleasure meeting each of you and an honour to be able to tell your story to the whole wide world. Each hostel has a special memory in my heart and no doubt, without their support and enthusiasm, this project would have never seen the light of day.

A special mention goes to my partner in this project, Hostelworld. The Hostelworld team, Freya, Celia and Otto, have been hugely supportive of my efforts. Thank you for showing your faith in me and supporting this project.

Then, there is also the creative genius that is Rodrigo Rodrigues and Filipe Freitas from Semilha Studio, who have done an amazing job designing this e-book.

Also, big thanks to Ana de Sousa, an incredibly gifted illustrator who put together the beautiful cover for this book.

Big love also to Rui Dantas Rodrigues from Terminal 7 who has helped me put together videos for over 40 of the hostels featured here. I’m very excited to share these videos with you on the blog, which will give you a deeper insight into the people who make these hostels very special.

Visiting all the 96 hostels personally was difficult so I am incredibly grateful to the following travel bloggers for contributing and taking the time to review some of the hostels featured- Michael Miszczak and Randi Delano from, Kate McCulley from,  Kamila Napora from, Alejandra Foti from, Cameron Cobb from, Flora Baker from, Laura Porter from, Brooke Schoenman from, Ed Rexy from, Larissa Olenicoff from the  & Nick Martin from -thank you! Please do checkout their blogs and follow them.

Huge thank you to my other half m Sofia Vasconcelos for helping me with the research and being a pillar of strength, love and support over the last one year.

Thank you to my copyeditor and sister Arpita Bhattacharya from  for helping me pull this e-book together.

Thank you also to the amazing people who have been with me on this journey from the beginning: Sijad Shah, Shona Maguire, Melvin Boecher, Keith Jenkins, Kim Heinen, Jaume Marin, Colm Hanratty, Steve Lowy and the Umi Team, Nicholas Montemaggi, Paul Dow, Michael Ball, Steve Keenan, Gonçalo Castanho, Chris Richardson and Jordi Sinclair.

To both my families in Kolkata and Madeira-thank you for your support and love.,

Finally, thank you to you, the reader for downloading this book. I hope you enjoy reading about these luxury hostels and it inspires you on your future travels.





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