Video: Cocomama, Amsterdam’s first boutique hostel



Cocomama- Amsterdam’s hottest boutique hostel


Thought I’d share with you today, a neat little documentary from the opening of Cocomama , Amsterdam’s first and only luxury ’boutique’ hostel back in May 2011.

Since then, Cocomama has firmly established itself as Amsterdam’s hippiest and coolest hotel.


Really enjoyed my stay here and again, besides the cool room themes , stunning garden and common room space, it’s the girls who run the hostel who really make this place special

For more insight, check out my recent review of Cocomama Amsterdam, have a look and in the meantime enjoy the video which gives you a feel of how the hostel is on the inside and includes a fleeting guest appearance from coolest hostel cat, Joop.

Looks much more slimmer and fitter than when I saw him 🙂


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