iPhoneography: Gdansk. Part 1



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I wasn’t sure what to expect of Gdansk.

Being the hotbed of the solidarity movement I expected it to be quite industrial and gritty like most port cities.

Far from that, Gdansk was a city brimming with history: beautiful stepped gabled houses typical of the Dutch Renaissance and its quaint cobbled streets.

Unlike other cities that had been heavily bombed during the Second World War, Gdansk has been meticulously restored to its former Hanseatic glory.

Gdansk will be one of the hosts for next year’s Euro 2012 games.  On the evidence of what I’ve seen, it’s unique history, the warmth and friendliness of the locals I met- it’s going to be a brilliant host and a great place to be for the games.

‘Gdansk’ for dropping by and enjoy Part 1 of my tribute. Part 2 follows tommorrow 🙂

Non-doing manifesto I discovered at an art exhibition within the Shipyard: No 19- Think more, produce less



Lech Walesa's Workshop

Marek Targonski exhibition, Gdansk Galleria

Streetart in Gdansk

Lost in a grey sky: Metallic sculpture near Amber Museum

Gdansk by night

Twilight over the beautiful stepped gables houses of Gdansk

Ul Mariacka Street- Gdansk's prettiest street facing onto St Mary's cathedral: Europe's oldest brick cathedral


PGE Arena, Gdansk. One of the host grounds for the Euro 2012 championships

Love is in the air, in Gdansk




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