Instagram Stories: Exploring the street art of Germany

Street art in Hamburg

Greetings friends from London.

As another experiment in visual storytelling, I wanted to share with you some Instagram stories from my recent epic 11 day roadtrip across Germany where I had the chance to discover some of the country’s amazing street art scene. I’ve used the fabulous storytelling app, Stellar to share the stories and pictures with you. Love to hear your feedback.

Truth be told, 10 days wasn’t not enough. I could easily spend a few weeks, months to see everything. I’ve met some amazing people and visited some beautiful places. Berlin and Leipzig was amazing. Teufelsberg in Berlin was a massive personal highlight.

I will be published soon a further series of guides to some of the street art I discovered on this trip so stay tuned.

Huge thanks to German National Tourism Bureau – Jan, Elif, Denise and Charlett for supporting this project and also my colleagues at iAmbassador for helping me put this project together.

Plus a big thank you to my #streetartgermany team : Sabina Trojanova from GirlVsGlobe, Peter Parkorr from Travel UnmaskedMark Hofmeyr from Trademark Pictures and Gloria Atanmo from the Blog Abroad.

Please keep following me on Instagram for my latest stories and pictures from trips. Huge thanks to Instagram for the marvellous innovation that is Instagram Stories and also much love to the guys behind the storytelling app Stellar -Please download and have a play with this app guys.



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