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As some of you maybe aware, I had the luxury of spending a whole month in Latvia in Autumn last year. Most of the places I visit for the blog, I’ll usually spend a few days or a week at most so a whole month was a real luxury. I tried to spend my time wisely and explore as much of this wonderful country as possible within that 1 month. One of the fruits of my micro adventures across Latvia is this new little e-book: Latvia Itineraries which you can download today for free from the blog ( click on the image on the right hand side bar ) or via this link 



This by no means is a comprehensive guide to Latvia but a good taster of what you can expect from this beautiful country. There’s not a lot written about Latvia, especially of cities outside Riga so this e-book will help you plan your trip, especially if you’re planning to spend a few days outside of Riga.




The trip felt like a bit of an adventure into the big unknown and I loved it. Especially with over-tourism being the buzzword in media nowadays and cities closing doors to tourists, it was refreshing to go to a country where there are not too many tourists. The locals I met were friendly, curious and they were keen to know why we had decided to visit Latvia. The other perversely beautiful thing was that the high streets of all the places I visited barring Riga were devoid of any high street names or brands you will be familiar seeing in Europe and beyond.



Pure nature: Latvia is a real escape from the elements


Other things that I loved about the whole adventure was how accessible nature is in Latvia- with 50% of the country covered in forests, Latvians spend a lot of their time in the forest. This is where they are truly their hippiest happiest, a nod maybe to their Pagan DNA. It is a country best enjoyed slowly. Not ideal for a weekend break. Riga is cool for a weekend but if you really want to discover the real Latvian way of life get out of Riga.





In cities like Jelgava, Cesis, Valmiera, Liepaja, Kuldiga and even Daugavpils -you start seeing how Latvians live, breathe and die. If that’s your jam then you’ll find my Latvia travel guide useful.

I barely scratched the surface in a month so I do hope to return to Latvia and update this guide in the future.

Meanwhile, I do hope you find it useful. I welcome your feedback, positive and negative via email [email protected] or via Twitter/Instagram @BudgetTraveller -is where you can catch me.

Finally a huge note of thanks to team at Investment and Development Agency of Latvia aka LIAA: Martins, Renate, Agita for bringing me to Latvia and all the people that hosted us and we met throughout the trip.

Special thanks to the lovely amazing Lelde Benke who made our trip possible and made this guide a reality-thank you for a lifetime of memories and introducing me to your beautiful country.

Thank you to you too, dear reader for downloading this e-book.

Latvia, changed my life and showed me so much: I hope this guide is the beginning of a great big Latvian adventure for you too.


Kash Bhattacharya aka BudgetTraveller


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