Meet the Lisbon Poets Hostel- forerunner in the Luxury Hostel revolution



I always like a hostel with a view.

Even if it meant dragging my backpack up 5 flights of stairs.

The lift had stopped working.

In the end, walking into the living room of the hostel , being greeted by the breathtaking view of Chiado through the huge floor to ceiling windows,  was worth it.


It was a clear day , the next day.

While having breakfast I could see the river Tejo glimmering in the sunshine.

In between spaces of golden blue water I sat for few hours at the window, just admiring the beautiful architecture of the buildings of Chiado , mostly restored after the earthquake of 1755.


Chiado at your feet: The view from Lisbon Poets hostel


In the evening , a different mood.

The silvery notes of the streets musicians, the chatter and buzz of locals rolling in and out the Chiado Metro station tingle my ear.

I am chilling in the living room of the Lisbon Poets Hostel, reading a book.


Living Room of Lisbon Poets Hostel- A proper living space for guests. Cool bar and hens too!


It’s a stunning space.

One of the most impressive common rooms I’ve seen in my Luxury Hostels tour. You have a choice of colourful beanbag chairs which you can slump onto , surf the net on your tablets, laptops with the help of the hostel’s excellent free wifi.


They even have their own postcards…..


Or you can just chill on the sofas, daydream.

Say hello to a friend- the hostel has it’s own beautiful postcard collection.

Maybe just read a book from the extensive collection of books that adorn the shelves of the room.




The loving room has a very quirky feel with the odd typewriter lying around.

A few books of poems by local poets can be found.


It’s a very creative space.

The moment I sit there, there is an irresistible urge to grab pen, paper and start writing poetry again, something I haven’t done for awhile now.

Adjoining the living room is a well equipped kitchen where guests can cook their meals.

Continental breakfast is included in the price and is a nice affair with toast, jams, pastries , fresh orange juice and pretty decent coffee.



The rooms are located in two separate floors. You have the choice of staying in the dorm rooms which have the same colourful vibe present throughout the hostel.

The beds are wooden bunk beds, sturdy and offer the possibility of a great nights sleep.


Floating in a cloud of words and poetry: My double room in Lisbon Poets Hostel


I get to sleep on the lower 4th floor where you have the choice of 9 simple doubles, all with quirky themes.

My walls are daubed with lines from various poems.

I have this psychedelic , slightly disorientating experience of having all these unknown words looking at me.

Still, it’s a nice feeling to fall asleep in a cloud of words. That night, I dream that of words and that I have started writing poetry again.

It’s pretty humid in September but I am glad to see that they have air-conditioning in the room.


The rooms come with shared bath and toilet (segregated by sex)

Plenty of them on each floor and they are very clean, well maintained and I had no complaints.


Professional, friendly staff

The hostel staff are a massive credit to this place. From the moment you walk in there is a feeling that the owner Ricardo and his staff like Joana really want you to experience and enjoy their city.


Lisbon Poets Hostel organise a great range of activities for guests to get a feel of the spirit, soul of the city.


They are full of useful information, unstintingly helpful and organise a clutch of great events for guests from free walking tours of the Lisbon, evening dinners, guided visits to a Fado bar or a visit to the Alfama market.


Ok. So what costs are we looking at?

Price point here is 50-60 euros for a standard double and around 19 euros for a bed in their dorms.

So, for location and quality- very reasonable.


So my verdict….


Loved Lisbon Poets Hostel. Great location, space, great people and a great experience.

Shame about the lift having broken down during my stay but otherwise, I can’t pick any faults with the hostel.


The Lisbon Poets Hostel were pioneers in the hostelling movement along with the Living Lounge Hostel.

As artists they were more concerned about creating an experience rather than just a cheap bed to sleep in.

In many ways they have set the standard and led the way for other hostels in Lisbon to follow. For the rest of the world to follow.

The Lisbon Poets Hostel were the genesis for the concept of Luxury Hostelling so for me it was personally a great experience staying here.




If you are also visiting Porto and staying at the sister Oporto Poets Hostel you get 10% discount on both your bookings.


Lisbon Poets Hostel

Rua Nova da Trindade, nr. 2, 5th floor
1200 Lisboa
+351 213461241

Email Lisbon Poets: [email protected]


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