Luxury Hostels of Europe: *NEW* on BudgetTraveller for 2012


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Through the blog, I am always looking at new ideas and way of inspiring your future travels.


With this in mind I am launching a guide to Luxury Hostels of Europe on the BudgetTraveller in 2012.

Luxury Hostels?????????


I know it’s an oxymoron.

Hostels are supposed to cater for just backpacking tourists looking for the cheapest room in town- right?


Wrong. Things are changing.

There is a new breed of fashionable, uber cool hostels that are now offering many features of a budget hotel , while retaining the fun factor of a hostel.


Generator Dublin- One of the cool luxury hostels I'll be visiting


Starting from March 2012, every month I’ll be travelling across Europe checking out and reviewing this cool breed of new hostels.

London, Paris, Florence, Reykjavik, Sofia, Hvar, Berlin, Nice, Lisbon – there is an amazing list of destinations I am going to be visiting.

Along with each luxury hostel review, will be a mini-guide to enjoying the best of each destination on a budget.


As the BudgetTraveller I want to present to my generation ( I’m 33 in March ) how we can still backpack on a budget but with a luxury twist, or be a ‘flashpacker’


At my age,  I’ve found a lot of people who have a closed mind about hostels.


Question: Would you look for luxury in a hostel?


Images that come to their mind are of bland buildings, 16 bed dorms of drunk, snoring, smelly people.

Sharing communal toilets.


So I am on a mission to change their perception. Possibly my own?

It will be an interesting challenge.

To make hostelling convenient, comfortable and also fun.


In my research, I’ve picked up some awesome terms. ‘Flashpacker’ was one

Amazing how travel is diversifying into so many niches.


The Geek Flashpacker



I’ve learnt that I am going to be a ‘geek flashpacker’– since my trip will be inspired by technology with no guidebooks involved.


Since I’ll be using social media tools like Twitter to find tips from locals- I can also call myself  a ‘coolpacker’.


I’ll be using geo-locational tools like foursquare to keep people updated plus picking up tips.

The trip will be visual- I’ll be using the photo sharing network, Instagram to give people a flavour of the hostels I am staying in and what makes them unique.

So it’s real-time,  social travel trip.

Plus they will be videos from each hostel and destination on Youtube channel and the BudgetTraveller blog.


Over the next few weeks I’ll be researching the best upscale hostels across Europe.

I’ll be asking you my readers for tips and ideas.

Please email me your tips and suggestions for hostels on my Facebook Page:



Smartcity Hostels, Edinburgh- Rooftop Terrace, cool bar and restaurant in a great location


When picking a luxury hostel, factors I am looking at include-


  • Private rooms with ensuite bathrooms.
  • Good location ( Being centrally located important?)
  • They have to be fun and character.
  • Free or affordable wifi is a must plus a good breakfast.
  • Friendly staff – good hospitality doesn’t cost a penny.
Anything else I should add or subtract?


The guide launches on the blog in March 2012- so stay tuned.

If you like to get involved in the project please email the BudgetTraveller at [email protected]




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