Cheap eats guide to Bremen

Following the popularity of the last series of cheap eats guides, I am excited to be kicking off another series of guides starting with Bremen , a city I recently visited as part of my ongoing mission to discover the coolest emerging youth hotspots across Germany. Germany has some great streetfood options and I’ll be sharing more of my finds from the tour in the next few weeks on the blog. So stay tuned. Here are my cheap eats Bremen tips-guten appetit and feel free to share you tips in the comments section below.


Schüttinger Gasthausbrauerei

Bremer Knipp at the Schüttinger Gasthausbrauerei


1. Bremer Knipp at the Schüttinger Gasthausbrauerei

To have a very authentic experience of Bremer beer and cuisine avoid the touristy Ratskeller and visit Schüttinger Gasthausbrauerei.There you can sample their excellent beer and also the very unhealthy and very tasty Bremer Knipp. Knipp is a local sausage made of unwanted bits of pork & oat groats plus seasoned with salt, pepper and all spice.  To top that off it’s served also with fried potatoes, bacon plus gherkins! Talk about a heart attack on a plate! So tasty though…

Cost: With 0.2 l glass of beer came to 9 euros which is really affordable.

Tip: From 5 till 8pm they run a happy hour where you get small glasses ( 100 ml) of beer for 1 euro and the Maß (1l) for 5€ -Bargain!



Hinter dem Schütting 12  28195 Bremen


Coffee Corner, Bremen

Coffee Corner, Bremen


2. Coffee Corner, Ostertorsteinwag-Das Viertel.


For past 11 years, this has been the place for bagels and good coffee in Bremen.Comfy sofas upstairs, downstairs grab a window side stool & get a birds eye view of the action in Das Viertel. They do great soups, salads and awesome bagels. I enjoyed the Chicken Curry bagel.

Cost: 2.80 euros.

Free wifi is excellent. Grab tram 2 or 3 from Aldstadt.


Ostertorsteinweg 1, 28203 Bremen


rollo bremen

Rollo- Kismet ‘New Generation’ , Bremen


3. Must local eat: The ‘Rollo’ @ Kismet “New Generation’


For lunch on my first day I was hovering around the Hauptbhanhof area checking out the hive of budget eateries in this place and eventually settled for the Kismet ‘New Generation’ Turkish restaurant. I wasn’t sure what to order and asked for a recommendation. They suggested I try the local Durum Doner- it’s called the ‘Rollo’ , like Durum. but with cheese! It tasted fantastic.

Cost:  Just 3 euros.


Sogestrasse 72.


Marianne, Bremen

Marianne gib mir ein stuck Kuchen- ‘Marianne give me a piece of cake’


4. Marianne

Tucked away off the main drag of Das Viertel, Marianne’s is great place for kaffee und kuchen. Expect lots of hipster nerdy cultural types clamouring for the limited table space here.They do awesome chocolate tart ( in picture ) here and New York Cheesecakes. The other great thing is that they have significant range of vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free cakes and pies.

Cost: Chocolate tart and capuchinno: €5


Berliner Strasse 22, Bremen


Angolino, Bremen

Angolino, Bremen-great spot for lunch


5. Angolino

Das Viertel has a hive of great places to eat out and Angolino’s is a lovely cosy Italian trattoria that serves good Italian food at decent prices. I ate the excellent Spaghetti aglio olio e pepperoncino ( Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chilli flakes ) with a glass of refreshing San Pellengrino lemonade.

Cost: Spaghetti (€6.5 ),  Drink – €2


Vor dem Steintor 11, 28203 Bremen


Big thanks to the German National Tourism Office , their partners for the ‘Youth Hotspots’ campaign – Jugendherberge : The German Youth Hostelling Association and Deutsche Bahn for sponsoring my ‘German Wanderlust’ tour.

Also a big thank you to the Bremen Tourism Board , local blogger Carolin Hinz ( who blogs at ) and local Birte Stadtlander for their awesome tips and support for my trip to Bremen.

I’m touring Germany as part of an effort to highlight and discover the country’s emerging ‘Youth Hotspots.’

Please note: While my trip has been sponsored, the views and thoughts represented in this article are my own.


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