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Krakow along with Lisbon were the two outstanding highlights of 2011.

So much so that I am visiting both of the cities again for my Luxury Hostels project.


The great thing about both cities is that they are both a treasure trove of gastronomic delights.

Plus the fact that Krakow was oh so cheap. 

You can enjoy cuisine from all parts of the world in this city


I am present to you my cheap eats guide to Krakow.

Note: 1 zl is £0.20 or 24 euro cents


Enjoy and as always please leave your tips and foodie experiences of this amazing city below.

Dobry apetyt!


1. Cheder

Cheder, Kazimierz
Cheder, Kazimierz: Highlight of my Krakow experience.  


Cheder is a Kazimierz institution- one of the rare, authentic bastions of Jewish food and culture that exists in Krakow.


The highlight is the super strong Israeli coffee, served to guests in a finjan: a covered brass jug with a long handle where it brews nicely and keeps warm while you chunter away with friends. If you’re peckish, I recommend their ‘Cheder Plate’ of appetisers: Marinated and stuffed peppers, various cheeses, olives, dried tomatoes, toasted pitta with olive oil , sesame seeds and spices.


Free wifi plus also the rows of wooden bookshelves, comfy cushions and low level lighting makes this the perfect meeting point.


2) Dong-A

Dong-A Krakow Cheap Eats


Just across from the Aparthotel Spatz on Miodowa, Kazimierz is the glowing red front of Dong-A that serves lipsmacking Oriental + Vietnamese cuisine.

People huddle around and chow down on small tables and at all times of the day I observed a very steady flow of people.

Table service is fast and efficient and in double quick time, a sizzling platter of their signature Vietnamese Chicken dish landed on my table with rice, cracking salad complemented by their extra hot red chilli sauce.

Portions are very generous and will keep you going for hours.

With prices of around the 15zl this was one of my best cheap eats in Krakow.


3) Zazie


Food heaven at Zazies: Potato Gratin with Chicken, Chorizo, Red Pepper in a Provencial sauce


Zazie is a rare find- a rustic, relaxed and intimate bistro.


It’s a heavenly slice of France in the heart of Kazimierz.

I start off with a lovely aperitif- Kir Royale.

Main course, I plumped for a French Potato Gratin topped up with chicken, chorizo and red peppers in a tomato sauce with provenical herbs: food heaven.

Dessert was the classic Crème Brulee.

Bill: Came to 40 zl which was one of the more expensive meals for this trip but this is worth every penny and perfect for THE romantic meal of your trip


4) Chimera

Iphone 4 pics 167
  Chimera: Salad Heaven in a fairytale like setting

Situated just off the main square: Rynek Glowny, Chimera is veggie haven- excellent salad-all-you-can-eat bar which is brilliant value for money.

You can choose from 30 different salads.

Option of picking 4 or 6 options.

I recommend 4 options for 12zl is very filling unless your have a monstrous appetite.

You can chomp away in the very relaxing, dreamy , leafy roofed open garden.

By day it’s a great place to escape the crowds and by night lose count of time under the stars and candlelight.



Chimera Tart Heaven

Sweet tooth heaven at Chimera : Think I’d become diabetic if I stayed too long in Krakow….

Tip: If you’re feeling peckish and have a sweet tooth, you can grab a slice of their fruity tarts from just 4zl at the entrance too.


Dobry apetyt!


5. Piekarnia- Awiteks

Owocowa Tarta Krakow

Tarta Owocowa at Piekarnia Awiteks


This is a local chain that sells an excellent selection of bakery + confectionary products.

I had no clue about this place and just ventured in seeing the crowd of locals jostling to get into their Kazimierz branch (Dotted around a town, check the sign in picture below)-always a good sign.


Excellent Bakery Krakow Piekarnia Awiteks
Piekarnia Awiteks


I tried here Kapusniak: a kind of rustic cabbage pastry that was delicious. Cost 1.50 zl

I followed this up with a Tarta Owocowa : delicious fruit tart. Cost: 1.20 zl

The bread here as with good Polish bakeries was yum and I got a big loaf and often would chew on this if I got hungry during the day.

Great find!


6. Zapiekanka, on Plac Nowy

Zapiecanka Plac Nowy Krakow
Zapiekanka: I’d eat this everyday of my life, damn tasty!

Zapiekanka : You can call it the Polish version of pizza.

It’s a long sliced half of a baked baguette, mushrooms and cheese on top with a very liberal dose of tomato ketchup.

This is the traditional version but you can alternate the toppings with your own plus also add a sprinkling of fried onions or chives on top.

Delicious. Just 7 zl. Bargain.

Plus Plac Nowy, the hub of all the action in Kazimierz on a summer evening is wow- surrounded by the happy buzz of locals and travelers alike, it’s a great setting for a delicious snack!


7. Restaurant Farina


Krakow is possibly one of the few very places where you can sample Michelin star dining at a fraction of what you would pay at home. Plus to find a seafood diner is rare in Krakow so this was another great find.

The staffs are very attentive and the 17th century wooden ceiling gives this place a special ambience.

Blinis with Caviar

I started off with a homemade bread served with a tasty tapenade.

Iphone 4 pics 229

Mains was a seafood pasta, pasta is homemade and great.

Dessert Restaurant Farina Krakow

Dessert was white chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce- I’ll let the picture do the talking.


Bill: 69 zl with drinks , my most expensive meal but hey, Michelin Star dining at this price-wow.

This is a great treat and in a great location off the main square where there is a dearth of good quality diners. Highly recommend


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