Video: The day we went foraging for mushrooms in Latvia

I left Berlin in August at the height of this summer’s epic heat wave. I’ve returned to Berlin in late October and the city feels different, in a less euphoric and more introspective mood.

The light at midday is mellow. Cafes are packed and the streets are silent, covering with dead leaves. I’m slipping sliding everywhere.Where did Autumn go this year? A shame, because after summer, it is my favourite season. I should not complain though. I spent the season wisely. 5 weeks in total , exploring a whole new country.

That country is Latvia. Have you been?

Forget 5 weeks, even 5 days is a luxury for anyone to explore a new country. I know, I’m a lucky guy with probably the best job in the world.

My mind is still awhirl. I have 3784 photos on my iPhone to shift through and edit. Just as the tide recedes to reveal the coastline, only now am beginning to grasp the whole magnitude of this grand epic adventure.

To break it down I’m going to go back to the start of my trip to Latvia.

To the first of a series of amazing adventures we experienced in Latvia: The day we went foraging for wild mushrooms…

Sabrina, my other half has been been busy the past few weeks putting together this beautiful wee video. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be publishing an account of the day later today so stay tuned….

Paldies to Zane Enina for a wonderful day that will never forget. Plus big hug to Sunmee-safe travels across Europe. Paldies also to Lelde Benke and Magnetic Latvia (LIAA) for bringing me and Sabrina to Latvia and sharing your beautiful country with us.

More stories and videos from our Latvia adventure to follow.

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