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48 Hours in Bremen

    By the banks of the beautiful Weser, the Hanseatic city of Bremen is another hidden gem of Germany. Expect world-class museums, picture…

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48 Hours in Cologne

  48 Hours in Cologne   11 am Check in Pathpoint Cologne, Backpackers Hostel     The Pathpoint Cologne Backpackers Hostel is a perfect base…

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36 Hours in Dusseldorf

  36 Hours in Dusseldorf     When you think of Dusseldorf , you commonly associate the city with it’s world class architecture and art…

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48 Hours in Hamburg

March 19th, 2013. It was bitterly cold.I was walking around in mostly sub-zero temperatures for most of the day.In this kind of weather, my…

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48 Hours in Hannover

I had been warned in advance. By the Germans themselves. A few days prior to my visit, I announced my impending visit to the…

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48 Hours in Nuremberg

  Tourism isn’t always pretty. Sometimes, it’s difficult to swallow. It’s about confronting the past and learning from the mistakes made. In the case…

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