Cheap eats guide to Barcelona


Barcelona based travel blogger Meritxell Garcia Roig from Tourism With Me  gives us the lowdown of her favourite cheap eats in the city


1.) Nostrum – Mum’s food to takeaway

Provença 209  and Rambla Catalunya, 20

Cost: Dishes from just €1

Nostrum is a chain of take away food, very much used by busy workers. You also have the possibily to eat in and they have microwaves available in the same shop with some tables and chairs to enjoy the food.

I like the food and they have a wide variety of dishes: soups, pasta, rice, veggies, meat, fish, croquettes and desserts, fruit etc.. The price is very good, I like their salads and pasta dishes. They have delicious croquettes as well.  If you download their app in your mobile you can join the Nostrum fan club where you can get dishes for  €1  to €3. Great deal, huh? Healthy and cheap as chips.

It is a franchise. On their website you can find different shops around Barcelona. I have listed the address of two of them above.

Pasta Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara


2.) Grup Andilana Restaurants- La Rita & Miu 

Miu: Carrer de València, 249, 08007 Barcelona

La Rita: Carrer d’Aragó, 279, 08009 Barcelona

Cost: Between €10-€15 euros per person

They have a few restaurants in Barcelona, I have tried many- my favorites are La Rita and Miu. They have dishes from €5 with wide variety of dishes on their menu with fish, meat, rice, veggies…

Miu  is a Japanese restaurant in the city center with lovely sushi, my favorite flying fish roe and amazing desserts. I loved their green tea tiramisú. La Rita is a Catalan food restaurant in the city center . My favourites here are their bravas with chistorra , red chorizo,  cod with sanfaina and a catalan sauce. They also have a daily lunch menu from Sunday to Thursday for €15 per person with a starter , 2 main dishes, dessert, a drink and bread included.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu


3.) La Boqueria market

La Boqueria: Rambla, 91

Cost: Between €5-€15 euros per person

La Boqueria is the most famous market in Barcelona and is a jewel in the city center where you can find any kind of food, gourmet ingredients and great quality of fruit and vegetables. It has become very popular among tourists as well and there are stalls that have take away dishes of fish, meat, fruit, veggies etc… It is a cheap and an authenhic option to try out catalan food and maybe buy some food souvenirs as well. The most famous bar in la Boqueria is Bar Pinotxo, a classic. If you have the chance stop by to see the dishes and the atmosphere it not the cheapest place to eat in the market but nevertheless worth stopping by at least. (stall 466-470).

fruit to take away

La Boqueria -Fruit to take away


Catalan food dishes

La Boqueria: Catalan food dishes

4.) Las Fernandez

C/Carretas 11

Cost:- Dishes from €5 

The perfect stop in El Raval to have some typical food from Leon . The amazing dish you have to try here is the Papa don’t preach- fried potatoes with a spinach sauce. Very tasty. My favorite is bacon rolls -shoulder of pork- stuffed with avocado au gratin. You can have a full dish or half, depending if you decide to go for different tapas. I love to share dishes and for this is the perfect place to go with friends.

5.) Tacos Tacos

Poble sec. C/Tapioles 9

Cost: 1 taco from €1,70

A new discovery of this year is Tacos Tacos, a cheap mexican restaurant. Great burritos and of course tacos, the name of the tacos are swear words which makes it fun to order!

My recommendation is Tinga de pollo (chicken burrito) and the tacos are all very good, my favorites are: Gilipollas! (onion black pudding) and Hijo de la chingada ( chicken with mole). They have great nachos with guacamole too!

Tacos Tacos: C/Tapioles 9

Yummy tacos

Tacos Tacos: Yummy tacos


About the author

Meritxell is a tourism professional and a traveller from Barcelona, she loves her city and Catalonia, and in her blog Tourismwithme she explains how to know better Barcelona and Catalonia like a local. You can download her mobile Barcelona guide for free.

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