Yotel London Gatwick- Review + Video




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As some of you may know I recently visited India.

I was on an early morning Emirates flight from London Gatwick to Dubai which meant a night sleepover at the airport.

This was the perfect opportunity to checkout the Yotel at Gatwick.




Being located right in the North Terminal means a handy extra hour of sleep compared to if you were travelling from Central London.

It’s also a great option also for travellers looking for a short sleepover of 4 hours and needing to recharge inbetween a long journey.

The rooms are tiny ( 10 sq metres) , pod like but cram in all the essentials required for a good nights sleep.

The beds are very comfortable plus amenities like Flatscreen TV and free wifi is great.

They also offer you free towels.

They have these huge power showers which are great for kickstarting your day.

Outside the Yotel in the terminal there is a Costa Coffee for your caffeine fix.

With prices of £26 for 4 hour sleepover in Standard Cabin or £41.50 for the Premium Cabin, Yotel Gatwick is great value for money.


I did a wee video of the Premium Cabin I stayed in which you can see below.

Warning: It was at 1230am at night and I look like I am ready to fall apart. Which I did just after finishing the video review 🙂 Enjoy.


Please note that my stay was sponsored by Yotel but the views expressed are my own.




  • Stayed in Heathrow’s Yotel last year and loved it! Every airport should have one. We went right from NYE festivities in Edinburgh to the airport for a 22 hour layover in London. After exploring the city, we were wiped out and noticed the Yotel at the airport. We looked into it and booked a few hours. They were priceless and our location couldn’t have been more convenient!

  • Melvin says:

    Damn… You look tired in the video! I hope you got a long power nap! 🙂 The room looks nice!

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