June 8th: Finally….I go Interrailing & Luxury Hostelling



The moment is almost here.


Itinerary for my Interrail Luxury Hostels Tour: If you’re around in those cities, gimme a shout for a beer or coffee!


The ritual of Interrailing across Europe is one that I have heard, read about since I was in my diapers practically…


It’s the one thing that most travellers at one point of their 20’s will have experienced.


Almost a rites of passage for any seasoned traveller.


It’s like a sacred bond between travellers- anyone who has interrailed knows that it is an experience that will stay with them till their dying breath.


Everyone who has interrailed has an epic story to share


Running out of money after a week on the road and living days on end with a bland diet of pasta with tomatoes and tinned tuna.


Broke, sleeping on your backpack at train stations or in parks.


I guess at 33, my interrail trip will be a more civilised affair.


Flashpacking. Geekpacking.

Hell there’s a new name coming out every week.


As you know I’m doing a guide to Luxury Hostels so Interrailing and checking out some of Europe’s coolest hostels seems like a fun idea.


I’m luxury hostelling my way across 13 epic cities in 30 days.


So while I won’t be sleeping on my backpack in train stations, I still hope for some modicum of adventure.


More than anything, I look forward to the freedom of the road.


I guess that is one thing that we all long for and remains the eternal appeal of interrailing- freedom and flexibility.


Today Paris, then Berlin , afterwards Prague and then maybe Budapest or Ljubjlana?


I’ll be filling those long hours on trains with my thoughts and my summer soundtrack ( tracklist evolving on Spotify but in need of some inspiration, any ideas?)


Plus I’ll be blogging along the way about the latest hostels I’ve stayed in and wherever I get decent wifi signal, there will be tweets and a few treats.


I hope to meet some friendly and new faces along the way so if you’re in the area, holler, send me a tweet. Let’s meetup for a beer!!



Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ budgettraveller and search the hashtag #luxuryhostels for the latest action from the trip.

Or check out my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/EuropeBudgetGuide


Feel free to share your tips and thoughts about the places I am visiting- best ones, will get a special postcard from me.


So spread the word and be a part of it- speak soon.

Plus a big thank you to Interrail guys for sponsoring me!


Ciao, maybe see you on the road?

Kash aka ‘BudgetTraveller’



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