Germany on a budget

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If you’re planning to visit Germany this year and on a tight budget, I’ve listed all the articles I’ve written about Germany on the blog below , including my series of 48 Hour Guides that I created for the German National Tourism Bureau.



1. 48 Hour Guide to Berlin

2. 48 Hour Guide to Munich

48 Hour guide to Dresden

3. 48 Hour Guide to Dresden

4. 48 Hour Guide to Leipzig

48 Hours in Bremen

5. 48 Hour Guide to Bremen

6. 36 Hour Guide to Dusseldorf

7. 48 Hour Guide to Nuremberg

8.48 Hour Guide to Rugen Island


9. 48 Hour Guide to Hamburg

10. 48 Hour Guide to Hannover

11. 48 Hour Guide to Cologne

12. 32 hour Guide to Stuttgart


13. Getting access to cheap mobile internet in Germany

14. Cheap eats guide to Berlin

15. Cheap eats guide to Munich

16. Cheap eats guide to Bremen

17. Budget places to stay in Berlin