April 14, 2014

Cheap eats guide to Venice

  It’s been almost 12 years since I first visited Venice. Everytime I’ve visited this city, I’ve grown to love it a little bit more. There are still some things that I guess the passage of time will never make easier for me when it comes to Venice. Like the problem of finding cheap accommodation [...]

April 6, 2014

I love travelling everyday of the week except Sunday

I love travelling everyday of the week except Sunday. I am not following that rule today.  I am back on the ‘road.’ I’ve escaped through a hidden portal in time and find myself back in the city I lived in for almost 9 years.  Yet, having been away from Edinburgh for so long, I feel like [...]

March 31, 2014

Cheap eats guide to Bari

  It is my pleasure to welcome Ezio Totorizzo, proud native of Puglia and editor of the travel blog Spezio as the latest guest editor of the Cheap Eats Guide column. Today he’s taking us on a virtual tour of the best street food of his home town, Bari.   Bari is one of the most important [...]

March 28, 2014

Venice, in 40 pictures & 20 songs.

  “Memory’s images, once they are fixed in words, are erased,” Polo said. “Perhaps I am afraid of losing Venice all at once, if I speak of it, or perhaps, speaking of other cities, I have already lost it, little by little.” ― Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities   Please press play. Enjoy the pictures and the memories… [...]

March 24, 2014

15 budget bus companies to check out on your next trip to Europe

    The cheapest way to travel across Europe is definitely the bus. In terms of comfort and ease of travel, nothing beats interrailing across Europe but if you’re on a tight budget, then taking the bus in Europe can offer some amazing cost savings.   Whilst offering excellent fares some of these bus companies [...]

March 14, 2014

‘Visit Africa, in Rotterdam?’ Hotel Bazar reviewed

I found myself in Africa. In Rotterdam? Say hello to the Hotel Bazar. Location The Hotel Bazar has a cracking location right in the middle of the city’s energetic Witte de Wittestraat which is the beating heart of the city packed with art galleries, cool bars and boutiques. It’s a five minute walk to the [...]

March 11, 2014

Is teaching abroad compromising your holiday?

  In the past three years I have become addicted to travelling – cramming my backpack to the brim with clothes and a battered Lonely Planet book, disappearing for a few months at a time and exploring some amazing places. All pretty standard stuff really. But this summer, when I applied to teach English in [...]

March 2, 2014

Carnival in Madeira- Photoessay

  So. Last night I attended my first ever ‘Carnaval’ in Funchal, Madeira. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I will let the photographs below speak for themselves. Enjoy! PS Big thank you to Madeira Promotion Bureau for organising access to the parade.  

February 20, 2014

You’re invited to Lonely Planet’s first ever global Twitter chat!

                                        A very exciting announcement to share with you all! To help celebrate the launch of Lonely Planet’s top 10 best value stays for 2014, I am very excited to announce that the BudgetTraveller is joining [...]

February 17, 2014

A few hours in Parma

  Before you I whisk you virtually away to the city of Parma, to get you into the mood, I made a mixtape of songs from local native composer, Giuseppe Verdi. Press play…and enjoy the piece.   I came to Parma on a stifling hot day in July. No one in their right mind would [...]

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