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June 20, 2013

Review of Bus Hostel in Reykjavik

Bus Hostel Reykjavik

Bus Hostel in Reykjavik


Bus Hostel Reykjavik is a friendly, fun and super affordable place to stay while exploring Iceland’s capital or beyond. With welcoming and helpful staff and lots of vintage style and quirky details, quite unexpectedly Bus Hostel in Reykjavik became a home from home in one of the world’s coolest cities and we mean that in terms of both the weather and the lifestyle on offer there.



Review of Bus Hostel

The bar inside Bus Hostel


It says something about me and my usual mode of travel that when Kash asked me to represent Budget Traveller on a “Volcano-hopping tour of Iceland staying in a hostel” the bit I was most worried about was staying in a hostel. Volcanoes? Yep, all good, bring those deadly dangerous magma chambers on. Staying in a hostel? Well, that was when my knees started to shake and my palms moistened a little.

I needn’t have worried.

I needn’t have been so opinionated for so many years.

And perhaps I needn’t have spent so much money on hotels…?!



Review of Bus Hostel

Bus Hostel’s Vintage Decor in the Lounge


Bus Hostel in Reykjavik exceeded all of my snobbishly low expectations and then some.

With vintage decor filling the large open plan lounge and bar area, a fully-equipped kitchen close to the bedrooms and several separate bathrooms in which you are encouraged to indulge your inner rock star or opera diva as you sing in the shower, this is a hostel that wants to make its customers happy.


Review of Bus Hostel

Where you can find the bathrooms in Bus Hostel… I can’t argue with this!


Formerly used as the office of a bus company (hence the name), Bus Hostel opened its doors in May 2013 and it has welcomed a wide range of guests since then, from a globetrotting pensioner backpacker to a couple of newly-weds who asked staff members to be witnesses as their wedding.

Of course, there are the bits I’m still not sure I’d do in a hostel, like sleeping in a communal dorm or living off noodles for weeks but for those with sturdier sleep patterns than I, you can find a couple of large mixed and single sex dorms. But I was naive to think that that’s all a hostel has to offer. Bus Hostel also has rooms with just four or six bunk beds, ideal for those preferring a little more privacy and three “Ritz” rooms cater for couples who want a double bed and some privacy.


Review of Bus Hostel

I loved the long dining table at the back of this picture to work on


All the communal bedrooms have spacious lockers for valuables and if you do choose to have the bed linen they offer at a small additional cost then you will be guaranteed a cozy night’s sleep on a perfectly plump pillow and cotton fresh white sheets. All the bedrooms are wonderfully minimalist in a way that only Nordic countries can achieve, though do expect the odd quirky detail.


Review of Bus Hostel

Bus Hostel Wall art and a twin bedroom


Bus Hostel is located less than ten minutes walk from the city’s BSI central bus station and you can find yourself in the centre of Reykjavik at the foot of the impressive Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral within fifteen minutes walk. The bar serves cheap beer and wine and I warmed to the additional touches that I didn’t know hostels were known for like the book swap cupboard, free wifi, free luggage storage and the free food shelf in the kitchen.


Review of Bus Hostel

My favourite wall in Bus Hostel, Reykjavik


Sounding good? Well, I haven’t even got to the best part of Bus Hostel.

The staff there are exceptional. They are warm, welcoming and ready to help you get the most out of your stay with budget tips or trip planning. SAD Cars, a budget hire car company is also based in the same building and I can’t emphasise enough how amazing it is to see Iceland by road; less than an hour away you can find yourself surrounded by the landscape of a lava field or watching plumes of steam rise in the air from the geothermal springs and spas that are dotted across Iceland (you can see some photos of our adventures in Iceland here).

It was hanging out with Bus Hostel’s staff that made me realise that I’ve been missing out on a certain camaraderie among travellers that you don’t often enjoy when staying in hotels. Also I happen to know that Kristin – Bus Hostel’s manager – knows the best vintage and thrift shopping places in Reykjavik so be sure to ask her about them.


Review of Bus Hostel

Bus Hostel’s “Rules” – Good rules for life, i think!


A notoriously expensive country and city to travel in, Bus Hostel is currently the cheapest hostel and budget accommodation available in Reykjavik. Prices for a bed in a dorm start at 2800 ISK (£15) a night in low season and 4750 ISK (£25) in high season. A double room is 9100 ISK (£50) in low season and 12990 ISK (£70) when summer rolls around and this includes towels and bedding. Get to Reykjavik and the Bus Hostel by hopping on the FlyBus from Keflavik Airport. If you buy the Return+ ticket it includes a drop-off and pick-up from the hostel.

The only problem that Bus Hostel left me with was wondering what I do now when I travel? After ten years of avoiding hostels, my eyes have been opened and while it does mean I have more options to trawl through when I plan my next trip, I see this is as no bad thing.


Review of Bus Hostel

Another cool quote from Bus Hostel (and spot the Frankie!)


Bus Hostel Reykjavik, SKÓGARHLÍÐ 10, 105 REYKJAVÍK, Iceland. (Tel. +354 535 0350) www.bushostelreykjavik.com.

Frankie was a guest of Bus Hostel Reykjavik and SAD Cars and her flight to Iceland was sponsored by Icelandic budget airline Wow air (who probably have the best crew uniform I’ve seen). Her opinions – both snobby and otherwise – and her journey to hostel happiness are completely own and no-one could be more surprised than Frankie to find that she really did.


January 30, 2012

Best of Budget Travel: Week ending 29/01/12


Every week on the BudgetTraveller, I’ll be picking out the best stories on budget travel from across the web.




Here are the highlights from this week’s roundup


1. Check out Jason from Locationless Living blog , review the spanking uber budget cool Tune Hotel in Liverpool Street, London



2. Theodora Sutcliffe from the excellent Travels with a Nine Year old blog s about how not to go skiing on a budget.


3. If you’re looking to visit Munich on a budget check out this excellent video by the Dime Traveller on Tripfilms where he shares awesome budget tips like communal camping and also cool stuff to do like checking out the surfers on the Eisbach River in Englischergarten.


( If you’re looking to do Munich on a budget also check out my video of my epic 15 hour £100 easyJet challenge I took part earlier in 2010! )


4. Global Grasshopper’s Rick Kirk offers 10 cool tips on how to travel on a shoestring budget  and never pay mediocre hotel prices again


3. Also catching my eye this week was a thought provoking debate on Lonely Planet about whether the concept of budget travel has changed ?
An important question to ask. Is budget travel more about saving money and less about the experience nowadays?


Best post of the week


Time is money remember.

This week’s top post is all about saving time : Budget Travel’s ace contributing editor Sean O Neil ( if you missed earlier , here is the cracking  interview with Sean on Budget Traveller sharing his budget tips ) shares 3 ace internet tools that help you to locate hotels that are nearest the popular landmarks.


From the blog


If you missed out, this week on the blog I’ve reviewed Wagamama Edinburgh  which is now one of my favourite cheap eats in Edinburgh.


Agree or disagree with my weekly picks?


Leave your comments below and also free to submit your budget travel stories every week to be considered for inclusion using the hashtag #budgettravel on Twitter

January 23, 2012

Best of budget travel: Highlights of w/e 22.01.12






Every week on the BudgetTraveller, I’ll be picking out the best stories on budget travel from across the web.


best of budget travel budgettraveller


Here are the highlights from this week’s roundup


1. Check out Wanderlust magazine awesome post on 10 free things to do in Naples which includes great moneysaving tips like visiting St Elmo castle for free, just an hour before closing.


2. Interesting thought provoking piece on Smarter Travel about what implications the demise of the Euro might have on travel costs in Europe and whether it could become a budget travel paradise 


3. Gadling’s budget travel guru, Alex Robertson Textor visits Italy’s southernmost island , Lampedusa in January. ….Where he is the island’s only tourist.

Curious to know what his experience was like.

Check out his post


4.  Also making the budget travel headlines last week was a hotel in Crete called the Aegean Sky hotel which apparently has been voted by holidaymakers ( people who use the Travel Republic website ) as the best hotel in the world.


Best Hotel in the world? Aegean Sky Hotel


At £26 a night, wow, I am intrigued to know more about this hotel.


Anyone with any experience of visiting this hotel, leave a comment or tweet me at @BudgetTraveller I’d love to hear from you.


5. Also if you’re a caffeine addict and planning a trip to Dubai this year , then have a peek at Timeout’s guide to Dubai’s cheapest cafes 


Best post of the week


I am veering away from my Turkey of the Week category and including instead my most thought provoking, interesting article of the week.

This week I’ve picked out a story by Hidden Europe‘s editor, Nicky and Susanne who have written on Eurocheapo about the missing gaps on Europe’s rail network. ]


From the blog

Happy Beer Travels for 2012!


If you missed out, I’ve done a study on the top 11 countries where you can drink the cheapest beer in Europe s diary of how to enjoy 48 hours in Paris on a budget  : £100 plus also what do in Barcelona if you have the misfortune of having your money, possessions stolen.


Agree or disagree with my weekly picks?


Leave your comments below and also free to submit your budget travel stories every week to be considered for inclusion using the hashtag #budgettravel on Twitter