Travelzoo Local Deals: La Baracca, Hamburg reviewed


As many of you know, I’ve just started an Interrail tour of Luxury Hostels across Europe.

While reviewing the luxury hostels, I’m also keen wherever possible to give you some tips and inspiration about cool stuff to do, great places to eat and drink in each city without breaking the bank.

The driving concept is same as the Luxury Hostels project- how can you enjoy luxury on a budget.


With this objective in mind I did some research about how I could access the best deals in each city and then I discovered Travelzoo’s ‘local deals’ section.

Travelzoo basically handpick out the best deals in each city- from deals at local restaurants to spa treatments, whole range of cool stuff to do at a special rate.

So if you’re looking to treat yourself and possibly a friend or partner to a 5 star dining experience on your next shorbreak but on a modest budget, then these deals are right down your street.


I’ll be reviewing some of Travelzoo’s local deals on the BudgetTraveller- today, I’ve got for you a little review of their latest deal offering at La Baracca in Hamburg


La Baracca , Hamburg


The deal

Spend 25€ and get a 50€ voucher to spend at La Baracca, a trendy new Italian restaurant in the upcoming Hafencity area of Hamburg.


The experience

I took a friend along.

We arrived late in the evening around 10pm on a Monday night so the place was not too busy.

It has a very classy ambience- huge glass windows from the floor to the ceiling offer great views of the harbour, people are dining on rustic wooden tables and sipping wine in modern, colourful chairs.

You can see the chef preparing the food-always a good sign when you walk into a good restaurant.


It is a very stylish and modern affair- food is ordered from an iPad that they have on each table.


You can preview the dishes and look at images of them before clicking to order them.

This is a great idea and a great application of the iPad.

Knowing the portion size in advance allows you to plan your meal so much better.


Once you’ve selected your order, it automatically is sent to the kitchen.

Our food was turned around in a small length of time.


Now for the food. I was pleasantly surprised how reasonable everything was priced on the menu.

Our idea was to try and stay within the €50 euro voucher limit.

To start with I had an Aperol Cocktails ( Ever since I visited Bologna, I’ve been hooked on Aperol ) while my friend enjoyed a large glass of their house white wine.

Food is great when shared and that’s the way I roll when eating out with friends or family.

The portion sizes are not too big at La Baracca and perfect for sharing.

We ordered a host of things- some of their Insalata Caprese– rocket leaves with buffalo mozzarella, ripe vine tomatoes dressed in some of their  homemade pesto.

Then we ordered some grilled shrimps served with some more their yummy pesto and also a portion of Risotto con gamberi– risotto cooked in a not too rich tomato sauce with shavings of parmesan and king prawns. Both dishes were excellent.

We also squeezed in a plate of their grilled chicken which was very tasty.

We had room for some dessert- sharing a delicious homemade Tiramisu which also comes with an espresso to seal the stomach.


The final cost came to €50.70 which with our Travelzoo voucher meant we paid a grand total of €25.70!



Great ambience- perfect for a romantic dinner or lunch, attentive staff and really good Italian food- something I would not have expected to find in Germany.

Great value.

It shows that with a bit of planning, on your next short break or trip, you can enjoy a fantastic meal.

The La Baracca €50 voucher for €25 offer is running currently

( Type into Google Chrome to get the English Transaltion)


Also, here is some more info about Travelzoo’s local deals in UK


Disclaimer: While my meal was sponsored by Travelzoo, the views represented here are entirely my own.




















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