This is my Serbia

This is my Serbia.

Few months ago, I had the fabulous opportunity to explore Serbia. From bustling, boisterous Belgrade to the historic monasteries of Fruska Gora, from the beautiful chilled out Novi Sad to winding down the idyllic Danube on a boat and going back in time at Smederevo Fortress, seeing the Tabula Triana and then visiting the beautiful ruins of Gamzigrad- there’s a great variety of experiences I enjoyed in Serbia. I’ve documented these experiences in a photoessay earlier and now I have a short video to share with you. Warning: this was all shot on a iPhone6. I am a novice at shooting video but I do hope you find the video enjoyable and inspiring in some form or manner. Thanks for watching!

I’d like again to thank the Serbian Tourism Board for inviting me to Serbia. Checkout the #mySerbia for more pictures plus also check out the microsite for more inspiration. This trip was created and managed by iAmbassador  in association with the Serbian Tourism Board. As always, I maintain full editorial control of the content published on this site.






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