The BlogVille project- Wanna eat, feel & live like a local in Emilia Romagna?






It’s an idea that started over a few beers ( as great ideas always do) at Buy Tourism Online, Florence with fellow blogger Melvin Boecher from and Nicholas Montemaggi , Emilia Romagna Tourism Board.

Inspired by the debates at BTO Florence we were talking about the new trends in tourism like the rise of the concept of ‘living like a local’ when tourists visited a city.

This desire to live like a local has seen a boom in the popularity of holiday apartment rentals like AirBnB, Wimdu, Roomarama, Migoa,, HomeAway across the world.

Tourists want to spend more time in the destination, discovering more about the everyday life of locals- visiting local markets, go to the same cafe for breakfast, take time to soak in the spirit of the city and learn more about its people.

The concept of slow travel is a perfect fit for travel bloggers.

When visiting a destination, bloggers tend to provided a  jampacked itinerary, similar to the traditional press trip model with only a few days in each location, packing in the ‘must see’ destinations that the Destination Marketing Organisation is looking to promote.

This is where I believe the traditional press trip model doesn’t maximise the potential of travel bloggers.

Taking it slow-Exploring Bologna's food markers, a real pleasure

A travel blogger’s USP is to tell a good story and being able to share that message effectively across it’s very targetted, loyal social networks.

Whether it’s via a tweet, blog post, Instagram picture or a video on Youtube- a blogger is a child of the 21st century,offering a numerous range of multimedia content possibilites and channels to help drive the story of a destination.

Given the independence, a travel blogger could discover a whole range of exciting stories for a destination, in the process offering a new perspective and adding value to the DMO.

With the Blogville Emilia Romagna concept, travel bloggers will have the freedom to stay for a longer period in two fantastic cities- Bologna and Rimini, with the opportunity to discover to eat, feel and live like a local.

Blogville in Bologna -chance to sample the dolce vita of the 'La Grassa' aka 'The Fat One'


Bologna, one of the hosts for the Blogville project is the perfect departure point for discovering the region’s treasures like ModenaReggio-EmiliaParmaPiacenzaFerrara and the Motorvalley, and the top and world famous food producers of the Prosciutto di Parma, the Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese and the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

I visited Bologna earlier this year and wow, this is an amazing city full of history, culture and gastronomy

The second apartment is in Rimini, Emilia Romagna’s top holiday destination, famous for its wide sandy beaches, bathing establishments and nightlife.

For the Blogville apartment locations we have picked 2 fantastic apartments in great locations.

Blogville Emilia Romagna: Rooms with a stunning view.Imagine blogging from here everyday!

In Bologna, the apartment is located on the second floor of a stately building (with elevator) in the heart of the historical center, in an elegant courtyard with renowned boutiques and art galleries, and is well connected with public transport: bus line Nr. 30 every 10 minutes to Bologna Centrale Train Station.

The kitchen-create your own Emilia Romagna Gastronomic extravaganza

You can visit the local food markets, cook lunch and create your authentic Emilia Romagna gastronomic extravaganza while for dinner you have the flexibility of the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board to organise a review in one of the city many amazing restaurants.

The tourism board will also assist travel bloggers with their travel itinerary- the travel blogger has complete independence.

The travel blogger can then organise their trip and focus on content that works best for their readership.

In return, the Emilia Romagna gets a wealth of fantastic content from a wide variety of bloggers. A win-win partnership.

For more details about the Blogville project and be part of it, go to






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