Skyscanner free iPad App: Reviewed [ VIDEO ]




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As some of you know, I am based in Edinburgh and live locally to the awesome guys at Skyscanner.


When they offered me the opportunity to have a sneak preview of their new iPad App ( which will launch in the next few days ),  I thought why not give it a go.


Below is a video I’ve pulled together where I take you through all the nifty features of their new (£ FREE)  iPad App.




It’s nice, visually led and looks great.

The interactive spinning virtual globe is a nice touch- looks great on the iPad’s shiny screen and highlights a wide range of destinations and prices across the globe.

In terms of functionality-I like the element of flexibility in terms of destinations Skyscanner offers with the ‘Everywhere’ choice .

Also allowing flexibility in date where you can pick any month and choose which dates are best for you and find out the cheapest possible price by swiping through the ‘Calendar Month’ results on the App.

As flight search engines as you may recall I am a big fan of Dohop and reviewed them on but Skyscanner for me recently has delivered me the best prices and choice and this App is a welcome evolution.

If I was to make a suggestion: would be great to have some inspirational features and trip ideas featured within the App to help inspire travellers during the booking process-this would be another smart step forward.

Overall, though I can’t pick any faults and definitely will be using the App when it comes to searching for flights for my next adventure.

I understand within the next few days, the iPad App will be available to download, free from the iTunes store so stay connected with me on Twitter  ( ) for latest launch updates.


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