Iphoneography: Gdansk


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Welcome to the 2nd part of my Gdansk photo tribute, part of a series of posts am writing on the BudgetTraveller about how Gdansk is preparing for next year’s Euro 2012 championships.

If you missed, yesterday was the first installment of my photo tribute… here it is


Also if you enjoyed the photographs why not check my article of how to enjoy Gdansk on a budget and also my account of Gdansk’s nightlife 

”Gdansk’ for dropping by and enjoy my memories of this great city.


Sunset over the dreamy spires of the Old Town, Gdansk

Page from a book I found in the Solidarity Museum about migrant refugees displaced across the world

My mode of transportation in Gdansk- not bad eh?

The end of communism. The desolate shipyard of Gdansk

The gateway to Solidarity. Shipyard. Gdansk

Cloisters, Oliwa Cathedral

Art Deco Staircase, Grand Hotel, Sopot

Polish Mojitos are WOW

The Wooden Pier at Sopot. Europe's longest wooden pier at 511 metres

Ergo arena. Gdansk. Polish women's volleyball team in action.... Ergo is Poland's largest multipurpose sports facility

The Red Door, 8th Floor. Hotel Gydnia.




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