Photo of the week: Me.Salzburg, 2001.My first trip in Europe



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First time in Europe- Salzburg, 2001


Wow. I do look young there eh? 2001. July.


The first time is the sweetest they say….

It was a roasting hot day in July in Salzburg.

We had dumped our bags at the awesome Yoho Hostel ( Still by far the best hostel in Salzburg I hear) and headed straight to the Aldstadt part of Salzburg.

Why  Salzburg? Of all the places to see in Europe…


I grew up watching the Sound of Music. Every year without fail they would show it at Xmas.

It was one of thoss ‘good mood’ movies you watch – no matter how dull a day it is, the songs and stunning scenery of Austria puts you in a really happy mood.

At the time I needed a lift

I had just left what was probably the  worst summer placement-selling advertising for a magazine about the International Glass Industry. It was in London. What possessed me to take up this job ( I studied Economics btw) I do not know.

Something about living in London I guess.  Pay was terrible. I had no friends in London. It was the longest and most miserable summer in memory.

So I quit. Cheapest flight was with Ryanair to Salzburg. £42 return. My best mate, Debu ( extreme right) was working in Ipswich at the time and his mate Kevin joined us for the 5 day trip.


Salzburg is everything you saw in the Sound of Music and more. A beautiful city.

Picture postcard scenery. Beautifully preserved old town. A river. A castle in the sky. The rolling green hills all around.


That first taste of beer I drank on that day was the best beer I have ever drank.

I think the picture says it all.


It was the taste of freedom, of new beginnings in my life.

The first of many memorable trips in Europe.







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