Capture the Colour, 2013


Something different on the BudgetTraveller this week.

I’ve been nominated by my friend, photographer and fellow blogger, Abi King from Inside the Travel Lab to take part in Travel Supermarket’s ‘Capture the Colour’ contest.

The competition is pretty simple- share five photographs from your travels that are inspired individually by the following colours – Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and While.

Anyone with a blog (even if you haven’t been nominated) can enter. Winners can win anything from £3000 of Travel Supermarket vouchers to individual category prizes like an iPad, a Fuji camera or an Arc’teryx shopping voucher, depending on your choice.


To enter

What You Need To Do

1) Post up to five colour travel photographs on your blog from the following five categories: red, yellow, blue, green and white.

2) Nominate five other bloggers to follow on from you

3) Notify the Travel Supermarket team that you’ve entered

4) Entrants via Twitter – please include @travelsupermkt and #CTC13 in your tweet when linking to their blog post.

So, without further adieu, here are my five photographs






I’d just seen Wes Anderson’s latest movie ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ the day before and you could say, the shot was partly inspired by him.

I love the deep saturated colours of his films.

Lady in picture, wearing the cobalt blue dress is my girlfriend Sofia.

The building in the shot is the Centro des Arts in Calheta.

It was a bright, hot afternoon.

Light was bouncing off every surface- Sofia’s hair, the dull grey concrete building, the striking yellow font and the even the sky was glowing.




Looking back at my travels this year when I close my eyes and think of the colour green, first place that popped into my head was Venice.

It’s ancient, sludgy, murky green waters.

Thanks to a bumper crop of slimy green algae that flows from the Adriatic sea, the waters of Venice have attained this much maligned yet mystical green quality.

This picture was taken just after sunrise by the Rialto Bridge when the soft morning light bouncing off the green waters conjured up the image of a shimmering wavy green carpet. Devoid of tourists and vaporettos, we were sitting peacefully by the waters edge drowning in the beautiful silence.



Red. Cologne



Hohenzollernbrücke, Cologne- A bridge sprawled across the romantic rhine.

A bridge stretched across eternity, full of love-locks.

A heart sign with a ‘I love Kolsch’ ( the world’s greatest beer according to a passionate local and good friend of mine.)

Plus you have the bright red colour of the world’s most efficient railway company.





A beautiful mellow, yellow May sunset over the 17th century waterfront of Nyhavn in Copenhagen.


White cliffs of Rugen island

White cliffs of Rugen island

I finish my photo essay with the beautiful white chalk cliffs of Rügen Island.

The white cliffs are the largest in fact in Germany, rising 161 metres above the Baltic Sea. The view you see in the picture is that of the Königsstuhl, (King’s Chair) one of the most impressive cliffs on Rügen’s chalk coastline. Looking at the Königsstuhl from the viewing platform at the Königsstuhl National Park Centre , the white boat in the distance for me was very evocative and reminiscent of a past visitor to these shores, the romantic German landscape painter, Casper David Friedrich.

Google Chalk Cliffs on Rügen and you’ll know what I mean. ( PS For more about Rugen Island, check out my guide to Rugen Island )

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Now my turn to nominate 5 bloggers whose blogs and photography I really believe captures the colour , the hidden story behind the various moments of their lives. 

Peter Parkorr , Travel Unmasked  

Larissa Olenicoff aka The Blonde Gypsy

Mario Cacciottolo Someone Once Told Me

Bethany Salvon Beers and Beans

Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk, Smaracuja




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