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Hope you had a good weekend?

Every week on the BudgetTraveller, I pick out the best stories on budget travel from across the web.

So you don’t have to scour the web to find out on what you missed from last week…


Here are the highlights from this week’s roundup: Enjoy and feel free to share you own stories and thoughts below.


1. Have you been curious to try out Couchsurfing?  Well here is an excellent new video that explains the phenonemon that is Couchsurfing


Couchsurfing ( Courtesy of Daniel 1977 )


2. Nomadic Matt has come with a nice wee post on 8 alternative budget vacation ideas.


I like his first two tips: being a tourist in your own city and region.

Travel is a state of mind and you can find adventure on your doorstep.

Backpacking and being a tourist in your own city is a such a cool way of rediscovering your place.

I am going to be a tourist in Edinburgh via my new Luxury Hostels project and I’m really excited about this.



3. Ryanair launches 26 new routes to Budapest


In the wake of the collapse of Hungary’s national airline: Malev, Micheal O Leary has swooped to fill the gap and start 26 new routes to the city.


4. John Vlahides from Lonely Planet, poses the question : Luxury or Budget Travel, which form of travel is more authentic?


Coppers Kissing: Banksy in Brighton.


5  From the BudgetTraveller, we’ve continued the Brighton series of how to enjoy 48 Hours in Brighton on a budget with a focus on the streetart scene in Brighton


Earlier instalments in the series, feature me discovering Dali’s famous Mae West Lipsofa and looking at the story behind Cassette Lord.

Plus also for those of you suffering from the winter blues and not travelling , how about becoming an armchair traveller?


Best post of the week


I enjoyed Runaway Jane’s post about what makes a good hostel room

Some valid observations- what is the point of having a 8 bed dorm with ensuite facilities?

Also having locker facilities is such a big necessity for guarding your valueables- any hostelier that can’t provide a locker facility is missing something.

Great post Jane!


Agree or disagree with my weekly picks?


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