Iphoneography: 48 Hours in Brighton



Brighton is probably the most colourful city I’ve walked around in.

Everywhere I look, this is a city truly inspired….
Encouraging its citizens to express their talent and giving them a license  to entertain


Whether it’s a dude random playing on his rickety piano in the middle of the street….


Brighton: Let me entertain you


Old Tire Swingers


Or the cool local band- Old Tire Swingers…..a traditional old time string band music.

[ Check them out at http://www.facebook.com/oldtireswingers  ]


Brighton is very nonconformist- a label that I think it revels in.….


Coppers Kissing: Banksy in Brighton


This is summed none better than Bansky’s iconic Kissing Coppers on the side of the Prince Albert pub.

Unfortunately because of vandalism issues, the original has been shipped off to New York but visitors can still see the replica in the exact same spot.


Brighton breathtaking streetart scene is very much ingrained in the city’s DNA: It’s streetart is a form of expression that imprints the city with the spirit of its artists.

Here are some images from my walkabout around town : Enjoy.



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